Because Life was Meant to be Sustainable

About Us


Elemental Machines, LLC aims to deliver sustainable, innovative new technology to assist everyone to achieve ownership of their basic needs.

For thousands of years, humanity has struggled to earn enough to provide for their basic needs. What if you could own everything you need to sustain your life and pass that on as a legacy to your children

We have just begun to acquire new technologies to deliver to you. The first in our series is the Aer Aqua TM Series. These units produce pure drinking water from the air. The machines we offer have been through 12 years of rigorous testing and are the best in the industry. We offer replacement filters as well as service depending on your location.


About Elemental Machines, LLC

We believe and understand that sustainability is really the only secure way for our future to be a possibility and we can do it and be successful both financially and accomplish many beneficial things to leave a positive mark on the planet. There has been an age old myth that if projects are sustainable, they won’t be profitable and that the world cannot operate from this perspective, long term and be successful. We aim to dispel both of those myths