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Introducing the Aer Aqua TM Mini

You can enjoy delicious, clean, clear water from air with the new Aer AquaTM Mini.

Atmospheric water generators produce water based on the temperature and humidity in the air.

Each of our units can produce up to four gallons of water per day based on the dew point in your area where the unit is placed. These units produce the purest water available on the planet. They have been tested over the last 12 years and are proven reliable. They are available in both the up-right and table top models.

We also offer larger units that can produce 25 to 2,000 gallons of water per day for larger projects


About the Aer AquaTM Mini:
Aer Aqua Mini Atmospheric Water Generator

Elemental Machines Newest Atmospheric Water Generator

    • Produce Your Own Drinking Water
    • 5 Stage Filtration System
    • Digital Touch Screen For Your Convenience
    • Use In Your Home Or Office
  • Production Capacity: 4 Gal (15L)/Day (30-80%)
  • Cooling Wattage: 500W,
  • Total Wattage: 950~1150W
  • Hot Water Temperature: 167-200°F (75-93°C)
  • Cold Water Temperature: 39-50°F (4-10°C)
  • Power Supply: 110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz
  • Refrigerant Type: R22/R134a
  • Temperature Range: 59-104°F (15-40°C)
  • Humidity Range: 35-95%
  • Noise Level: <60dB
  • Size: 17.7” X 16.9” X 26” (45X43X 66cm)
  • Net Weight: 86 lbs. (39Kg)
Buy now for only $1,995 with flat rate shipping inside the US for only $150. Tax in the amount of 9.25% is charged for California residents.