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More Discovery. Fewer Surprises.

The Elemental Machines platform distills a lab full of data onto a single dashboard. Turnkey sensors and real-time data monitoring make setup a breeze and surprises a thing of the past.



Universal LabOps Platform

Monitor the Moment, Inform the Future.

Connect virtually any lab equipment, from any brand, with any function, from any era. Our universal dashboard and plug-and-play sensors begin transmitting data 60 seconds after unboxing.


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Every Asset

Our sensors connect nearly any asset, manufacturer, and era.



Every Metric

Monitor utilization, temperature, humidity, light, vibration, and more.



Our cloud-connected dashboard connects you to your data anywhere in the world.



Continuous monitoring 24/7 never takes a day off -- so you finally can.

Made Easy

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Alerting and Monitoring

Connect your lab with Elemental Machines for real time monitoring and instant alerting of every asset from anywhere at any time. arrow_forward

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Asset Management

Distill data from any asset to a single IoT platform for real time monitoring, informed decision making, and seamless integration with existing systems. arrow_forward

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Know which assets gain favor and which gather dust, both in real time and over time. arrow_forward

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Reduce waste and regulatory burden with autonomous quality checkpoints at consequential steps in your manufacturing or research process. arrow_forward

Trusted by the best and brightest

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Designed for LabOps

Insights Granted, Silos Eliminated.

Elemental Machines empowers LabOps professionals with the data they need and the access they deserve. A unified dashboard takes the guesswork out of data retrieval, and simple permissions put access control in your hands.
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A Platform You Can Trust

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Elemental Machines takes the guesswork and legwork out of connecting a lab. Sensors begin transmitting data as quickly as 60 seconds after unboxing.

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There’s much more to Elemental Machines than just sensors and alerts. Our platform connects disparate data points to elevate insights that save researchers precious time and resources.

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A single dashboard does it all. Data live and historical, from assets new and old, are presented in an accessible dash that grows with your needs.

Solutions Built for You

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For Lab Managers arrow_forward

Maintain order, quality, and compliance from near and far by ensuring smooth operations and compliant conditions.

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For Lab Directors arrow_forward

Promote excellence in LabOps with GxP-compliant procedures and intelligent quality control.

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For QA Professionals arrow_forward

Reduce waste and regulatory burden with autonomous quality checkpoints at consequential steps.

Built to Scale

The Elemental Machines Ecosystem is designed to scale as you do, incorporating new assets, new users, and new sites without silos or strain.

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$300M + 

Protected Assets Monitored

10,000 +

Assets Monitored

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Ready to get started?

Request a demo to see the Elemental Machines platform at work, or talk with a LabOps Data Strategist to learn more.

Keep what you love

Elemental Machines is compatible with existing assets, ELN, and LIMS. Translation: no reinvention of the wheel necessary.

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Get started in seconds

The Elemental Machines platform was built for rapid deployment. Sensors begin transmitting data just 60 seconds after unboxing.

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