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This exclusive pilot program, in partnership with the Freezer Challenge, is ideal for labs or facilities with 10-100+ cold storage units that need a robust, digital cold storage monitoring and alerting solution.

Offer includes:

  • Two months of monitoring and alerts for up to 10 cold storage units
  • Remote installation and setup of the EM products and services

Pilots are available February - June 2023 and in the U.S. only. After two months participants may choose to purchase continued use of EM services or return devices within 30 days. 

*EM will review applications and reply with the next steps for qualified applicants

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Pilot Benefits


Maintain sample integrity via remote monitoring and real-time alerts


Determine cold storage capacity and optimize sample management with historical door-open reports 


Improve operations via customized, actionable insights from data collected during the pilot 


Full lab monitoring beyond cold storage with Elemental Machines’ full suite of LabOps Intelligence solutions

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Protected Assets Monitored


Assets Monitored

Thousands of scientists around the world compete in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge each year to learn how to be more energy efficient with their lab's cold storage, improve sample accessibility, reduce risk, and save costs for their institutions.