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Employee Spotlight: Julia Grimalli

Employee Spotlight: Julia Grimalli

Name: Julia Grimalli

Position: Activation Manager

Translation: I support our post-sales process to help familiarize new Elemental Machines customers with their hardware and Elemental Insights dashboard. In collaboration with our very talented post-sales support teams, I also advise on best practices for customers to leverage our software to its fullest potential through training and content creation. 

Fun Fact: I love crane games (i.e., “claw” arcade games)

Passions: Cooking and dessert eating


What brought you to Elemental Machines, and why did you choose EM over all of your other options?

I have experience in both software and biotech and was intrigued by Elemental Machines’ robust solutions and ubiquity at the intersection of these two spaces. The commercial value that Elemental Machines offers to our customer base is evident, but the ability to help other people really caught my eye – our solutions allow us to provide peace of mind to our customer base in knowing that their data is protected.


How would you describe the team you work with?

Collaborative – nothing is achieved alone at Elemental Machines. The first core value of Elemental Machines is thoughtfulness, and I believe that value is reflected in EM’s collaborative nature. The team puts a lot of trust into one another to provide services and solutions to our growing customer base and with “thoughtfulness” at our foundation. We are better able to support these efforts via a positive and creative working environment.


What is it like to interface with Elemental Machines customers?

We work with a lot of different customers in different verticals, and I find all their work to be incredibly impressive. I like that our solutions can help accelerate and protect innovation in disparate fields.


What has surprised you about working for EM?

I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of autonomy that each employee has in providing creative solutions at EM. Whether that be introducing new internal workflows or creating customer-facing processes, everyone has a valued voice, and I find that really unique in a company. 


How have you grown personally or professionally in your current role?

It’s been exciting to work on the recently formed Activation team, where I can think about supporting our customers in a variety of ways. For example, we have the unique opportunity to help customers address the more “tangible” needs of their day-to-day operations while also supporting their strategic needs. This has allowed me to grow my skill set, think about the bigger picture, and anticipate future needs.


What skills would you say contribute most to your success?

I like to think I am a very adaptable person. I was able to learn the most fundamental concepts very early in my time at Elemental Machines, which allowed me to scale quickly. I also think it’s important for anyone to understand that learning is a never-ending process. I practice this by keeping up-to-date on what other customer-facing teams at Elemental Machines are encountering in their workflows so that I might learn how to improve my own day-to-day work. 


What’s a day at Elemental that stands out in your mind?

Through the support of a few internal teams at Elemental Machines, I was able to lead a call during my second week that walked a customer through remotely deploying a few of our most common sensors. I think that was both a testament to how easy it was to set up the hardware/software, as well as a testament to how the EM team is committed to helping new hires succeed.


What EM tools have been the most well-received by the customers you interact with?

I most frequently work with customers as they start their journey with Elemental Machines. Much of that process involves training customers on all that can be accomplished with our alerting capabilities. Customers are very enthusiastic about how their alert creation can scale over time.


What is your perspective of the future of Elemental Machines?

Everyone should continue to expect both innovation and consistency from the people and products at Elemental Machines. 


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