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Let us help your lab weather the coronavirus

Let us help your lab weather the coronavirus

iStock-978684482Is the Coronavirus threatening your lab operations? Are you worried that it will? With so many businesses, laboratories, universities and events shutting down or limiting on-site access, having a plan in place to protect your organization's science is critical. 

Free Monitoring

Chris De Luca, Sr. Director, Global Head Digital Innovation, J&J Innovation, in his recent guide on how innovative companies could deal with the Coronavirus mused:


Remote work: Obviously working from home and telecommuting can be a quick fix for tech companies. However, unlike tech companies, biotechs can’t just “work from home” - if science stops because they can’t run their experiments or get to a lab…how are small biotechs or makers preparing for operational setbacks? Can smart lab tech such as Elemental Machines be helpful in these scenarios?


The answer is "Yes Chris". Elemental Machines is prepared to help with two months of free laboratory monitoring.


The Elemental Machines platform:

  • Is easy to set up - You can self install and be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Is battery powered - No need to worry about power outlets and power outages
  • Connects to the Cloud automatically - no need to get IT involved
  • Is cloud-based - access your data from anywhere, such as your home
  • Manufacturer agnostic - works on new or legacy equipment
  • Modular - monitor equipment in different rooms and on different floors
  • Text/email alerts - get alerts when and how you want them
  • Flexible alerting conditions - Alert the people who need to know


Here’s how easy it is to get your lab up and running with the Elemental Machines monitoring platform. No need to wait for a technician or have a vendor come on site.

If the spread of Coronavirus here in the US looks anything like in Italy, teams and organizations are going to have to accomplish much of their work remotely or shut down completely. On February 24th there were 229 confirmed cases in Italy. Twelve days later there were nearly 6000 cases. The government has put the entire country in quarantine, limiting movement and forcing companies to work completely remotely.

italy cases

If something similar happens here in the US, laboratories that are proactive will be in a better position to ensure their valuable science is protected from any disruptions. Just yesterday the state of New York imposed travel restrictions around New Rochelle. What if you are not able to travel to your lab? How will you monitor the situation? 

Why take any chances with your facilities and equipment? Let us give you the peace of mind that your laboratory is okay. Contact us today and get your free pilot kit to monitor your valuable assets and equipment. 

Free Monitoring



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