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New Element Draws Utilization Data from Any Powered Object

New Element Draws Utilization Data from Any Powered Object

Among our customers’ favorite aspects of the Elemental Machines universal LabOps platform is the actionable intel they receive from asset utilization data.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a new Element that gives fresh meaning to the word “universal.” Our new Element U is a turnkey sensor that hugs an asset’s power cord to monitor utilization via electrical current.

Translation: your Elemental Machines dashboard can now give you utilization data drawn from any object with a power cord. 

The Element U is our answer to those pesky remaining assets still unconnected to the cloud, like centrifuges, liquid handlers, or cytometers.

The data drawn from Element U can inform budgeting, purchasing, and asset retirement – directly impacting your bottom line.

The impact on customers who tested the beta has been significant. 

One such customer – a major pharmaceutical company – tracked the utilization of 20 laboratory assets on the Elemental Machines platform. The insights collected over 30 days of utilization monitoring led to $40,000 in savings through a combination of decommissioning unused assets and reducing or eliminating unnecessary warranties and service plans.

Element U is a simple sensor with widespread repercussions for LabOps pros.

Does your lab contain an asset with which no other sensor will connect? Talk with your Elemental Machines account specialist to order Element U's and gain a trove of utilization insights today. 

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