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Why We Made Elemental Calendar Free for All

Why We Made Elemental Calendar Free for All

There are only so many ways one can write, “it’s been a difficult year.” But difficult, it truly was. Now, both finally and suddenly, order is being restored. Similar to restarting a car that’s been garaged for 18 months, pushing the world back into proper revolution is a tall order.


In the LabOps space, the restart is proving especially rickety. For more than a year, skeleton crews have managed their respective clinical or research labs with little support. While taxing for those expected to satisfy the responsibilities of multiple roles, our sparsely populated labs came with a silver lining: lab equipment was widely available.


Today, colleagues are returning, equipment is booting up, and scheduling is more important than ever. Yet for many teams, the makeshift scheduling systems of 2019 remain. For some, the lack of a LabOps-specific scheduling solution resulted in myriad shared Google Calendars, messy systems, and confused colleagues. And in almost every existing solution, hybrid work is disregarded and unsupported.


The calendar chaos ends today.


Our newest release, Elemental Calendar, includes many features found on existing shared calendar apps and some found only on lab managers’ wish lists. Among its features familiar to users of basic shared calendars is its price: $0.


Pricing Elemental Calendars at zilch/zip/nada was a no-brainer for our team of LabOps loyalists. As we listened to the biggest headaches and hopes of our customers, we heard of scheduling snafus repeatedly.


To us, the solution seemed simple. Because of our universal LabOps platform’s integration with customers’ assets, pre-populating the calendar interface with assets and users was easy. The price, we decided, should reflect it.


The final result? A piece of software that meets the unique needs of LabOps professionals, including the ability to tag users and protocols, at a price none can beat. 


As sparsely populated labs give way to buzzing ones, consider scheduling one fewer back-to-normal task to take care of.


Welcome back, LabOps.

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