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Elemental Machines Careers

Customer Success Team

Elemental Machines maintains an industry-leading customer retention rate and for a good reason. Much of this success can be attributed to the critical customer success and support teams that keep our LabOps customers continuously empowered with the data they need.

Elemental Machines’ customer success team carries the baton following a sale to support our customers through platform activation, setup, feature enablement, and customer training.

Similar in name but distinct in responsibility, our customer support team handles and resolves trouble tickets. Far from fielding angry calls, our customer support agents get to play Sherlock Holmes, investigating how issues came to be and empowering customers with the keys to solve them.

Together, our uniquely adaptable customer-facing team commands a standard of excellence that makes Elemental Machines a trusted partner to LabOps leaders across the globe.


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Employee Spotlight

Meet Gil Vigeant, Senior Customer Success Manager in charge of customers happy and acting as a bridge between our commercial and engineering teams.

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