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Elemental Machines Careers

Engineering Team

Elemental Machines’ engineering team isn’t a singular one, but three distinct teams that operate in tandem to further Elemental Machines’ mission to enable the discovery, development, and manufacturing of life-saving drugs. Composed of data science, software engineering, and hardware engineering, our work makes the work of life science professionals more efficient.
Our work spans hardware and software, which requires skilled developers able to juggle both sides and communicate clearly with each other. Those who succeed on our teams enjoy working with the latest cloud-based technologies to architect something new. They savor the challenge of migrating to new architecture, and the increased agility that follows.
Are you a talented, humble engineer eager to further our standing as the leader of IoT-enabled cloud solutions for the life science industry? We’re eager to meet you.
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Elemental Machines' Software Engineering team is responsible for capturing data from our arsenal of IoT devices and building applications that leverage the data they capture.

Our remote, global team works in tandem with colleagues on the Data Science team to deliver discovery-accelerating insights to scientists and LabOps leaders across the globe. 

An agile shop, we are 100% cloud-based, leaning heavily on Kubernetes and the Google Cloud Platform at large. A typical day finds our team members building and expanding user applications, reporting mechanisms, APIs, data ingestion processes, and more.

Current Openings

Tech Stack



Ruby on Rails


Google Cloud Platform 



Employee Spotlight

Meet Denis Haskin, Elemental Machines' Senior Software Architect, a.k.a. leader of overall technical vision and direction for our backend software.

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Our hardware team comprises three distinct subgroups: device, design, and system verification & validation. 

This collective team is responsible for designing, creating, and validating each of the Elements and IoT gateways that transmit data to our LabOps Intelligence Platform. The engineering talent we employ spans mechanical, electrical, and embedded software, uniting to build an end-product with consumer product-like power and cost constraints, sold in a high-volume enterprise-class environment. 

We collaborate closely with Elemental Machines’ talented data science and software teams, operating as a united engineering family building a complex system. Here, creativity is key, and opportunities to exert leadership and enhance your skills abound.

Current Openings

Tools & Tech



Common lab instruments (volt meters, thermal test chambers, etc.)

Employee Spotlight

Meet Mike Kahn, Elemental Machines' Head of Device Engineering (and self-proclaimed nerd).

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Data Science

The data science team is responsible for turning raw IoT sensor data into actionable intel. We employ unsupervised learning models to help LabOps pros uncover time-saving insights like real-time equipment usage and proactive maintenance forecasting.

We view data science as the mathematical magic that enlivens the full potential of IoT devices. To that end, our team identifies problems frequently faced by our LabOps clientele, then crafts creative ways to solve them by applying and reinterpreting the data we collect. 

Our research arm uncovers novel uses for our data, while our product arm carries those models into production. 

A fully remote team, Elemental Machines’ data science team serves a startup experiencing significant growth. As a result, everything you do can touch customers, impact businesses, and directly advance scientific research.

Current Openings

Tech Stack

Google Cloud Platform


Employee Spotlight

Meet Casey Peters, Elemental Machines' Senior Data Scientist, responsible for extracting as much value out of sensor data as possible.

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