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Digital Product Designer

Digital Product Designer


 About the role:

 Elemental Machines is looking for a digital product designer to create and refine software   product designs and features across a variety of platforms. The ideal candidate is a software   design generalist experienced in the disciplines of UX, UI, and Interaction Design. You have a   strong visual sense and can think holistically while creating beautiful, functional software.   
 Candidates should demonstrate their skills through submission of a portfolio, either web-based   or PDF under 10MB, that demonstrates the qualities we’re looking for and explains your   thought process.


  • Invent, execute and refine digital products across a variety of platforms
  • Collaborate with Software, Product, Software Engineering, and Data Science/AI teams to turn apomorphic concepts into useable, beautiful software features
  • Perform design-minded QA / Quality Assurance: report bugs, review builds at various levels of completion, and provide constructive feedback as appropriate
  • Advocate for design and explain new features - communicate rationale verbally, and champion the user
  • Work alongside product management to define features and how they map back to customer and business needs
  • Work on multiple projects in parallel, including brand new features, bug fixes on existing features, and small improvements
  • Demonstrate a “show, not tell” attitude, quickly creating mockups at appropriate fidelity to describe design concepts or thinking
  • Manage / update design systems, applying existing design patterns and creating new ones as needed
  • Build an understanding of users, including voice of customer and usability research
  • Prototype using a variety of tools to explain and test concepts at various levels of fidelity
  • Reports to the Head of Design


  • 2+ Years in Digital Product Design or equivalent mix of UX, UI, Graphic Design
  • Demonstrated sense of focused and clean design. You’re passionate about good design from function to form.
  • Capacity for both systems-level thinking and pixel-perfect detail
  • Demonstrated visual design skill, especially in the construction of visual hierarchies on layouts, and attention to detail on typography, spacing, and color
  • Demonstrated knowledge designing for web frameworks, for both mobile and desktop
  • Mastery of design tools like Figma and Creative Suite is required. Prior experience with Sketch, Zeplin, Invision is a plus
  • Experience with UX strategy, user research, prototyping to the appropriate level of fidelity
  • Comfort with common front-end / UI technologies with interest to learn more
  • Experience working within, modifying, and managing design systems
  • Able to articulate design benefits and critiques verbally and collaborate with Design, Engineering, Product, Data science and management partners

 About us:

Today’s research, clinical, and quality control labs are expected to discover and produce at a pace once considered unimaginable. Now, to lead is to be led by data. The Elemental Machines platform elevates LabOps teams in charge of machines, instruments, data, facilities, training, quality, and compliance to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery. But there are over 300 million physical instruments, devices, and machines not yet connected to the cloud. We are simplifying the connection between the physical and digital worlds using IoT and AI-driven insights. The result is a lab united by a universal cloud-connected dashboards and operations. 

The Culture:

Elemental Machines is a startup company based in Cambridge, MA, and we love it here! Being right next to some of the most innovative companies in the IoT and Biotech industries gives us drive and passion to pursue our own big goals, while enabling other companies to pursue theirs. 

We are committed to delivering on our promise to our customers: accelerate how they get science done. This commitment touches every level of our culture because we are excited every day to stretch our creativity in balancing the needs of our customers with the resources at our disposal and to thoughtfully interact with our peers to keep our mission on track.


 Excellence in Lab Ops is a connection away.

 What do we do?

 We elevate LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery.

 How do we do it?

 We simplify the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

 Why do we do it?

 Optimizing the operations of research, clinical, and quality control labs has an   exponential impact.

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