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Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead - Applications Team

Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead - Applications Team

About the role:

Elemental Machines is looking for a qualified Senior Engineer/Tech Lead to help lead our applications development team in building Elemental Machines' suite of Lab Operations tools and services. Candidates must have a strong command of Rails back-end and React front-end development and be familiar with mobile development. This role will be 50/50 individual contributor and technical lead for the team as we architect solutions, refactor old code and build new features.

This is a full-time, salaried position. The position is mostly remote-based, but there are expectations to work from the Cambridge, MA office periodically.


About us:

Today’s research, clinical, and quality control labs are expected to discover and produce at a pace once considered unimaginable. Now, to lead is to be led by data. The Elemental Machines platform elevates LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery by simplifying the connection between physical and digital worlds. The result is a lab united by a universal cloud-connected dashboard and operations, informed by monitoring of every asset and environment, both in real-time and over time.  Why? The standards established by operations determine the pace of output and discovery organization-wide.

Excellence in LabOps is a connection away.


What do we do?

We elevate LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery.

How do we do it?

We simplify the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

Why do we do it?

Optimizing the operations of research, clinical, and quality control labs has an exponential impact.


The Culture:

Elemental Machines is a startup company based in Cambridge, MA, and we love it here! Being right next to some of the most innovative companies in the IoT and BioTech industries gives us drive and passion to pursue our own big goals, while enabling other companies to pursue theirs. 

We are committed to delivering on our promise to our customers: accelerate how they get science done. This commitment touches every level of our culture, because we are excited every day to stretch our creativity in balancing the needs of our customers with the resources at our disposal, and to thoughtfully interact with our peers to keep our mission on track.


More about the role:

  • Contribute to high level architecture decisions for React applications, backend APIs, current Rails application as we migrate to React, and database structures.
  • Provide technical expertise for maintaining applications and various related subsystems including messaging, report generation and delivery and alerting.
  • Design & build application schema and APIs to support front-end UIs
  • Research and evaluate API Interfaces with IoT and IoT-related technologies including Balena Cloud, PubNub, PubSub, and GCP IoT to determine integration options
  • Contribute to best practices in code structure, re-usable design patterns, testing, scalability, monitoring, and stability.
  • Keep track of tasks, bugs and stories in Jira
  • Keep on top of technical debt and overall codebase health
  • Work closely in cross-functional team to estimate and deliver features in support company priorities and goals.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer engineering, or a related field.
  • 7+ years software development experience
  • Experience architecting and maintaining large scale web applications
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills


To Apply:

Please send your cover letter & resume to and be sure to put the job title you are applying for in the subject line. 

Additionally, please include your answers to these two questions:

  1. Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?
  2. Will you now, or in the future, require sponsorship for Employment VISA Status (e.g. - H-1B VISA Status)?



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