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Life Science Incubator Uses Elemental Machines for Efficiency and Peace of Mind

LabCentral is a shared laboratory space designed as a launchpad for high potential life-sciences and biotech startups.


lab freezerLabCentral has numerous -20°C and -80°C freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms, incubators, and cryogenic freezers. They were monitoring the -80°C freezers with TCA-3 monitoring devices, but the rest of their equipment was not being monitored digitally. LabCentral was using the Accsense operating system for monitoring the -80° freezers, which provided helpful 24/7 notifications. However, they had issues with the TCA-3 devices failing over time and being unreliable. They were looking for a reliable solution that would provide monitoring as well as advanced reporting for all of their equipment.


LabCentral started using Elemental Machines Element-T devices to track all of their cold storage equipment. Now they continuously monitor more than 250 assets. The power of the data has transformed the way LabCentral operates.

We’re able to view data for equipment that wasn’t previously connected. Now we have real-time monitoring of temperature which provides us insights into equipment functionality, analysis of shared equipment usage, and the ability to detect problems,“ said Lyndsey Rissin, Sr. Manager, Lab Operations, LabCentral, Inc.

The power of their data enables LabCentral to be proactive about fixing equipment. They are able to proactively schedule downtime for needed maintenance, rather than risk losing valuable samples.

“We had a refrigerator that was slowly increasing in temperature over a period of time. The average temperature was still inside the desired range, but the equipment clearly wasn’t functioning properly. We sent the temperature graphs to our service provider and they were able to make the diagnosis remotely and then order the replacement parts needed to fix it. This saved time and money for everyone involved” Lyndsey said.