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Behind the Scenes of Medication Development: Nurturing Work Relationships in LabOps

Behind the Scenes of Medication Development: Nurturing Work Relationships in LabOps

In this episode, Anzhelika Kabro, Associate Director of Chemical Sciences at Paraza Pharma, provides advice and examples from her own experience about taking care of work relationships with clients and operations employees to develop new medications.

Anzhelika talks about the importance of simple communication when explaining the functions to people at all levels, leading to a successful collaboration with clients. She also believes that constantly highlighting and appreciating lab operations employees is crucial, as they are the ones that support the projects daily. Finally, she speaks about planning, using contacts, and personal drive as essential factors for success, whether in the lab or outside.

Tune in to learn tips from Anzhelika to create a healthy and smooth-functioning work environment in the lab!



Operations require good relationships and communication.

About Anzhelika Kabro:

Anzhelika Kabro, Ph.D., is the Associate Director of Chemical Sciences at Paraza Pharma Inc. (Montreal, Canada). She earned her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Moscow, Russia) followed by post-doctoral research studies in several international laboratories (Italy, France, Spain, and Canada) in various fields of chemistry. In 2013, she joined Paraza Pharma as a Scientist in the early stage of this CRO company. Her further personal career growth went along with the extensive growth of the company (from 26 to 250 people at present). Anzhelika has been involved in several drug discovery programs in which two anti-cancer drug candidates were advanced into Clinical trials. Anzhelika’s statement that such success would not have been possible without collaborative work on all levels: within the company, the project team, as well as with external Clients and resource providers.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Montreal is a significant biotech company hub.
  • Paraza Pharma is a collaborative CRO working in drug discovery programs for different countries.
  • Mutual respect and ownership are fundamental between team members.
  • Pharma R&D projects are based on data.
  • The faster these projects collect data, the faster they can advance.
  • When operations employees understand that doing their job as soon as possible moves the projects forward, they feel motivated.


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