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Effective Communication as the Backbone of Successful Operations Management

Effective Communication as the Backbone of Successful Operations Management

In this episode, Omri Paran, Senior Director of Operations and Practice Leader at Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand, narrates the steps, jumps, and experiences from being a mechanical automation engineer at Pacira Pharmaceuticals to working in R&D and commercial operations for Azzur. From overseeing production automation systems and data streams, throughout his thirteen years at Pacira, Omri tried on different hats and took on various challenges like a tech transfer in the UK, supporting commercial manufacturing, and leading clinical production. He explains how Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand provides clients with a modular cleanroom to develop clinical processes and manage facilities. In this new environment, Omri leads operations in a way he never had before. He also emphasizes that open communication for the mutual understanding of dynamics, services, and tasks within organizations and their clients is vital to a successful practice.

Listen to this episode and learn from Omri about managing people and operations with clarity!



Good communication runs through all operations processes.

About Omri Paran:

Omri got his BS in Mechanical Engineering at UC San Diego. Before graduating, he started working at Pacira Pharmaceuticals as a CAD Intern. After that, he became an automation engineer and scaled up to become Senior Manager of Production for Clinical Production and Manufacturing Technical Support. He got a hybrid master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Supply Chain Management at San Diego State University and decided he wanted to take a big leap and change in his career afterward. He’s been Senior Director of Operations and Practice Leader at Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand since June 2022, and there, he manages facilities in the San Diego warehouse, soon to be launching and leading the San Francisco one. 

Things You’ll Learn:

  • A technology transfer means transitioning processes from R&D to commercialization.
  • Azzur Group is a life science consulting company that helps organizations develop their solutions from discovery to commercialization.
  • Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand’s clients move into the Azzur cleanroom to operate their process, and they take care of the facility and its needs so they can focus on the chemistry.
  • Azzur has facilities in Boston, San Diego, and Alameda.
  • The Azzur San Francisco Facility is currently under construction and will open its doors to clients in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Miscommunication chances increase when more people are involved in a process, yet one can succeed even with 5% miscommunication.
  • Having well-defined processes written down and openly communicating issues is very helpful for operations teams.
  • The cafeteria and snack services are the hardest places to get people to agree and be happy about.


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