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Introducing LabOps Leadership Podcast

Introducing LabOps Leadership Podcast

In this episode, Samantha Black, co-host of Outcomes Rocket LabOps Leadership Podcast and Head of Content at Elemental Machines, talks about the new podcast in the Outcomes Rocket network: LabOps Leadership Podcast.

The show will dive into the challenges and opportunities these LabOps individuals have not only in their professional development but also in accelerating science and innovation. Along with Samantha, there will be a slate of rotating co-hosts from LabOps Unite that will bring different perspectives to the conversations on what LabOps is and why this emerging industry is so important. This weekly show will bring high-level executives at pharmaceutical and biotech companies as guests, providing unique insights from leadership in research and development.


About Samantha Black:

Samantha Black, Ph.D. is the co-host of Outcomes Rocket LabOps Leadership Podcast. She is Head of Content at Elemental Machines, the Cambridge-based LabOps Intelligence pioneer that elevates lab managers to become strategic voices in their organizations. Prior to joining Elemental Machines, Samantha was editor-in-chief of a life science news website and previously worked as a program manager at the National Postdoctoral Association. She received a Ph.D. in nutrition from NC State University. The Podcast will be co-hosted by rotating LabOps Unite leaders. LabOps Unite is a global community of operations professionals who join forces to trade ideas, offer counsel, and discuss relevant developments with their colleagues across industries and around the world.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • LabOps is an emerging industry at the intersection of research and development, lab management, operations management, and I.T.
  • Elemental Machines is a Cambridge-based LabOps intelligence pioneer that elevates lab managers to become strategic voices in their organizations.
  • At Elemental Machines, they collect every piece of data in the lab that they can, connect it to the cloud, and provide analytics on them to get even more out of your data.
  • Samantha Black will partner with LabOps Unite, an industry group full of lab managers and LabOps professionals, to co-host the podcast.


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