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Putting the Patient First in Clinical Trials

Putting the Patient First in Clinical Trials

In this episode, Karen Correa, Vice President and Head of Global Clinical Operations at Takeda, talks about her overseeing global clinical operations and trials across multiple therapeutic areas. She discusses putting the patient first by focusing on developing decentralized clinical trials, increasing diversity, mitigating risks, and cross-pollinating with other companies and industries. She shares her thoughts on learning how to be a leader and finding the proper message delivery to reach your audience. Karen points out the importance of collaboration and making an impact by helping others.



Tune in to this episode to learn how the work Karen Correa does at Takeda is making a difference in LabOps!

About Karen Correa:

Karen Correa has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. She got her Bachelor of Science at East Carolina University, her Master’s at Central Michigan University, a Ph.D. at Trident University Internation, and a Pharmaceutical Management Certificate at Cornell University. She is currently the Vice President and Head of Global Clinical Operations at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where she oversees a global clinical operations team overseeing a multitude of clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas. She has combined clinical research experience in various therapeutic areas at a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a Pharmaceutical/Biotech Company. Her primary emphases are in project management, clinical monitoring, and clinical operations. She has experience in clinical development training and management, recruitment and retention with a focus on specialized populations, and study coordination and clinical laboratory. She is also the proud mother of a blended family of five amazing adult children and six grandchildren.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • At Takeda, Karen leads a global clinical operations team that oversees many clinical trials across therapeutic areas from infancy to closeout.
  • One of Takeda’s values is Patient Trust, Reputation, and Business, which means all their decisions are focused on the patients.
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials are taking trials to patients instead of vice versa. 
  • The future of clinical trials would ideally be doing them at the patient’s home.
  • Cross-pollination between industries can make a difference in LabOps since all healthcare companies want to improve people’s health.
  • You should do everything possible to make every day as powerful for yourself and everyone you impact.


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