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Strategies for Effective LabOps Processes in Clinical Settings

Strategies for Effective LabOps Processes in Clinical Settings

In this episode, Majors Badgett, Laboratory Director, and Clinical Consultant at Ethos Laboratories discuss various aspects of managing a clinical lab, including handling complex equipment, conducting research in a clinical environment, and adopting new tools and strategies for more effective LabOps processes.

Majors begins by sharing his expertise in managing high-tech instruments such as mass spec tools that generate valuable data for medical testing. He emphasizes the importance of trying out new equipment before adopting it in the lab. In clinical settings, labs must produce quick and confident data for patient care. Majors shares his insights on how an employee’s research background can positively or negatively affect their workflow in this environment. To improve overall efficiency, Majors also talks about Ethos’s approaches such as going paperless, adopting remote work for data analysis, and using a project management software called Monday.

Tune in to learn more about Majors’ work and the many factors that play a role in managing a clinical lab.



A Laboratory Director’s role involves many responsibilities. 

About Majors Badgett:

Majors Badgett is the current Laboratory Director and Clinical Consultant at Ethos Laboratories. He seeks to pair his strong analytical chemistry, toxicology, biomarker, serology, and microbiology testing background with his many years of managing and directing experience to successfully and efficiently run the laboratory.

Majors has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Georgia, and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of the South at Sewanee.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • One must deeply understand its different components to make a mass spec or specialty-type instrument work properly.
  • Equipment is one of the most critical and expensive parts of supporting science, but most can be demoed before acquisition.
  • The bare minimum a mass spec tool should be able to do is all toxicology processes.
  • People with a research background either do not do well in a clinical environment or do well, depending on who they are.
  • Opportunities in the STEM field should be discussed more with the youth.


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