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Release Notes: Dashboard Improvements

Release Notes: Dashboard Improvements

Elemental Machines is continually working to improve its solutions for customers. As such, we are excited to share some Elemental Machines Dashboard updates with our customers. Here's what you need to know:


 📂 Get more from more data with extra large exports - now available!

The Data Logbook feature gives you the ability to export all data points during a time period (i.e. all temperature data for a freezer over the month of January). This feature is especially useful if you want to export the data into a third-party program. You will also help you make best friends with your auditor, by being able to easily pull up their requested data.  Previously loading over ~1,000 values would sometimes time out.  Now you can export up to ~200,000 values without errors.

Update details: Machine Details Data Logbook and CSV export tab no longer gives "Data tables" error for exports of up to ~ 200,000 values


⚡ We're running faster than ever with dashboard optimizations

You can now be confident that no matter how many Elements you have, your dashboard will load quickly and you will be able to access your data in a snap -- you will always be able see all your data wicked fast! 

Quick tip: You can navigate to your Machines page via the left-hand navigation column or by simply selecting your user group from the top dropdown menu.


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