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Digitization and connectivity continue to drive LabOps excellence

Digitization and connectivity continue to drive LabOps excellence

As part of daily LabOps, laboratory leaders manage many workstreams including asset activities and data generation. These are mammoth tasks that often involve complex processes and procedures. Along with this comes many opportunities for error, which begs the question of where and how improvements can be made. 

Elemental Machines addresses these LabOps challenges head-on by providing multiple ways to improve monitoring in the lab. As a universal LabOps platform, Elemental Machines' tools can digitize and connect nearly any piece of equipment or information in the lab. 

There are multiple types of monitoring that can be performed when lab equipment is digitized and connected in a single platform. 

Using Elemental Machines’ tools, ambient conditions can be monitored in nearly any environment – from incubators and freezers, to open lab spaces and vivariums. Data can also be pulled directly from the laboratory instruments, making the information easily accessible in real-time. Lastly, equipment usage (the on/off status) can be monitored to assess asset utilization and inform lab schedules and workflows. 

Elemental Machines is pleased to share a comprehensive list of validated asset compatibilities for monitoring of equipment usage along with its newest asset integrations for equipment-specific data monitoring that are supported by its IoT-connected devices.

Validated asset compatibilities (for usage monitoring):

  • Acumen Explorer X3 - Plate Imager
  • Array Scan XTI - IMAGER
  • Attune - Cytometer
  • Beckman Coulter - Vi-CELL BLU
  • Bio-Rad - T100 Thermo Cycler
  • Biorad - Imaging
  • Bravo - Liquid Handler
  • Cellinisght CX7- Imager
  • Centrifuge 5424 R - Microcentrifuge
  • Centrifuges - All
  • Countess II - Automated cell counter, Autosampler, BioSafety Cabinet, C1000 Touch Thermocycler
  • CPX2800H - Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank
  • Eppendorf - Centrifuge 5425, Change Station, Chromatographic Pump, CLARIOstar
  • EVOS - M5000 Imager
  • EVOS M5000 - Microscope
  • Fliprtetra - Plate Reader
  • Fliprtetraplus - Microplate Reader
  • Formulatrix - Imager
  • Formulatrix 16 - Liquid Handler
  • Frap - Incubator
  • FreeZone 4.5 Pump - Pump for FreeZone
  • FreeZone Plus 4.5 Liter - Freeze Dryer
  • Fume Hoods - All
  • HERA Therm Oven - Oven
  • Heracell VIOS CO2 Incubators, Column Manager
  • Hudson - PlateCrane
  • iBlot 2 - Dry Blotting System
  • Labconco - FreeZone Plus 4.5 Liter
  • Leica - Microscope
  • MACSQuant Analyzer 14 - Flow Cytometer
  • Mastercycler x50s - Thermocycler
  • Miltenyi Biotec - MACSQuant Analyzer 14, Mass Spec, Meso Scale Sectors
  • Nanodrop ND-8000 UV - Spectrophotometer, Sterilizer
  • Qiagen - QIAgility
  • QuantStudio - 7 Flex
  • QuantStudio 3 Real-Time PCR - RNA Analyzer, Sample Manager
  • R1-1000- Imager
  • Sector Imager 6000 - Plate Reader, Plate Reader i3X
  • Solentim - Cell Metric
  • Sorvall MX 120+ - Micro-Ultracentrifuge, Mixer, Molecular Devices
  • Tecan Spark
  • Thermo Fisher - Multifuge X3 FR
  • Thermo Fisher - Proflex PCR
  • VWR Vortex Mixer - Vortex Mixer

Latest asset integrations (for equipment data monitoring):

  • Airgas Smart Alarm Box 
  • AnD GH-Series Balances
  • Concoa Altos 2
  • Dwyer Differential Pressure Sensor
  • Endress + Hauser Proline Prowirl
  • Eppendorf Innova 42
  • Eppendorf/New Brunswick S41i
  • Kendro Heracell
  • Kuhner X and Z Series with Modbus RTU Net-60 Module
  • Liconic StoreX
  • Mettler M300 
  • Multitron and Multitron Standard NuAire CO2 Incubators
  • PHCBI Cell IQ series PHCBI CytoGrow Incubators PHCBI MCO Series
  • PHCBI KM-CC Series Incubators PureAire Air Check
  • Sanyo MCO 18/19/20 Incubators
  • Sanyo/PHCBI MCO-18AC Series Incubators
  • SGD 914-AVA
  • SheloLab SC031, SCO40, SCO58 Incubators
  • Thermo CryoExtra CE 8100 Series
  • Thermo Excelsior
  • Thermo Forma 3100 Series Incubator Models
  • Thermo  4100 Series  Incubator Models,
  • Thermo Steri-Cycle  Incubator Models
  • VWR Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator


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**Listed asset integrations and compatibilities released since 07/16/2022

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