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Elemental Machines Announces Partnership with Hopara

Elemental Machines Announces Partnership with Hopara

Elemental Machines partners with Hopara to help labs optimize operations and avoid costly inefficiencies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – September 21, 2023 Elemental Machines, developer of the Intelligent Operations Platform, has struck a partnership with Hopara, developer of the world’s first Agile Digital Twins platform, to help businesses visualize their facilities and assets.    

Lab professionals are tasked with overseeing multitudes of assets across multiple facilities to support utilization, scheduling, and real-time troubleshooting. This partnership will allow users to optimize asset utilization by better predicting and preventing downtime by leveraging Elemental’s Intelligent Operations Platform and Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins. Now, users will be able to visualize all devices on an interactive floor plan, alongside real-time alerts, status, availability, and additional details via the Elemental Machines database.

Through this innovative software partnership, labs will establish a single, contextual view of their facilities inclusive of planning, monitoring, utilization, and scheduling. Users will gain effortless visibility and access to the full lifecycle of their labs and assets. The integration will allow any user to pan, zoom, or jump around datasets to easily pinpoint the exact information they need. Both technologies are easily configurable, require no special end-user skills or training, and are integrated for seamless data flow.

“We are excited to team with Elemental Machines to give anyone an easy way to see all devices and their status in context,” explained Gant Redmon, CEO of Hopara. “This is a great way to better leverage investments already made.”

With the new partnership, users can now instantly see exactly which instrument(s) are out of range and precisely locate their position within their space. Scientists and technicians can also see where instruments are physically located and can filter for just what they are looking for, potentially saving time and effort for all team members.

Furthermore, the new integration will allow users to connect historical trends with physical locations to identify recurring and outlier events, such as environmental fluctuations or user-specific errors. This resolution will provide users with greater value and insights from the data they are already collecting.

"Adding Hopara to our Elemental Machines ecosystem provides customers with a visual representation of device-specific data, moving the industry closer to a true digital twin for the laboratory,” said Sridhar Iyengar, Chief Innovation Officer at Elemental Machines.


About Hopara

Hopara Agile Digital Twins is the next-generation data visualization solution that transforms how businesses harness the power of their data. Built at MIT’s AI Lab (CSAIL), Agile Digital Twins are a response to the massive over-spending on traditional digital twins and the limited use of traditional dashboards of lists, bar charts and graphs. Hopara’s Agile Digital Twins bring business value with its unique geo-positioning capabilities across a network of sites, detailed custom multi-level floor plans, 3D models of individual assets, real-time operating / IoT data, and more. Learn more at

About Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines’ Intelligent Operations Platform combines the best of IoT technology with purpose-built software solutions to deliver actionable intel to operators in the life sciences and beyond. The Platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations by connecting physical and digital infrastructure. Science and technology leaders trust Elemental Machines' ecosystem of hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that accelerate their pace of innovation. Learn more at

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Samantha Black, PhD

Elemental Machines

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