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Elemental Machines introduces its Usage Solution

Elemental Machines introduces its Usage Solution

The new Usage Solution is a novel product suite that has the potential to save millions in unnecessary spending within the life sciences to enable more efficient biotech/pharma drug discovery and manufacturing.

CAMBRIDGE, MA June 13, 2022 – Today, Elemental Machines continues its innovation within lab operations (LabOps) by launching its Usage Solution. The Usage Solution empowers agile operations to monitor real-time and historic usage to guide the service, relocation, removal, and purchase of lab equipment to optimize capital and operating resources. This global launch showcases a complete solution equipping R&D, biotech, pharma, CLIA, and QC labs with smart devices equipped with software, data science artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and an application program interface (API) capability.

“In response to customers needing a scalable way to quantify usage of thousands of assets, we developed a unique technology to analyze an instrument’s power consumption without interfering with the power source of the instrument. Our team has spent several years developing this platform, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil it,” said Elemental Machines Founder and CEO, Sridhar Iyengar, PhD.

The solution incorporates the Element-U, a novel wireless sensor that continuously monitors the real-time usage of wall-powered instruments. Unlike standard “smart plugs” which interrupt the power supply between the wall and instrument (potentially invalidating some manufacturers’ warranties), the Element-U leverages a completely non-invasive proprietary technology that does not interfere with an instrument’s power supply at all. The Element-U clamps to the outside of power cords and securely sends data to the Elemental Machines Cloud where AI-powered analytics extract unique usage metrics. Users can visualize an instrument’s real-time “free/busy” status and historic utilization data via the Elemental Machines Cloud Dashboard, enabling actionable insights to improve asset management for agile lab operations.

“I’ve been fortunate to commercialize many innovative technologies, but I am thrilled about the opportunity to launch the Usage Solution helping existing and new customers focus on their science, optimize operations, and reduce inefficiencies,” said Robert Pemberton, Elemental Machines’ Chief Commercial Officer.

Drug discovery costs continue to increase with lab space costing more than five times office space and laboratories incurring high energy costs ranging from an extra $5 to $16 per square foot. With smart devices and software playing a critical role, companies are seeking data-driven solutions to do more with their existing equipment and informing what to purchase or how much additional space they truly need.

The future is bright for Elemental Machines as the company launches this new solution to help fuel the rapid growth of its LabOps Intelligence Platform.


About Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines is the trusted data collection, analysis, and reporting technology supplier to researchers, clinicians, and LabOps professionals around the world. The Cambridge-based company equips labs with universal cloud-based dashboards and turnkey sensors that unite data from every asset, every metric, and every location, enabling rapid collection, seamless sharing, and effortless reporting.

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