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EM launches integrations with bioreactors, liquid nitrogen tanks, and more

EM launches integrations with bioreactors, liquid nitrogen tanks, and more

At Elemental Machines, we empower LabOps pros and scientists with data in a multitude of forms, extracted in myriad ways. Our third-party integrations are where we truly shine, and we are proud to announce the release of integrations with two new classes of instruments: bioreactors and cyrotanks. 

What are integrations?

To truly crush data siloes in the lab, LabOps professionals need to take source operational data (i.e. lab equipment) and connect it to the cloud where it can be leveraged. To do this, EM uses its powerful IoT sensors to gather operational data intelligence and conveniently present this data on the cloud. When our engineers and data scientists complete a new integration, existing equipment around the world gains new functionality as a cloud-connected, data-reporting device.

To date, 75% of our integration work has focused on incubators – and for good reason. The temperature, humidity, CO2, and O2 concentration data we extract and dispatch from incubators is critical to LabOps pros and scientists tasked with ensuring environmental integrity and reproducibility of experiments.

"But today, I’m most excited to announce the launch of two significant categories of integrations: liquid nitrogen tanks and bioreactors," said Sal Savo, PhD, chief technology officer, Elemental Machines. 

New integrations continue to break down data siloes

"For years, bioreactor integration has been my white whale. It’s a goal that I’ve carried from employer to employer and transferred from notebook to notebook," Savo continued. "Today, the vision is a reality."

Elemental Machines is to bring to market a fully productized, cloud-based solution for monitoring bioreactors using IoT. That’s huge news for scientists, who will now be able to monitor critical parameters such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen level, pressure, CO2, and stirring speed inside of their bioreactors anytime, anywhere. For a category where process is everything, such effortless continuous monitoring is a significant development.

Another cause for celebration is the new EM integration with liquid nitrogen tanks (a.k.a cryotanks). A cryotank must be continually topped off with liquid nitrogen to maintain its temperature – a step often preceded by a simple temperature check via probe. But too often, such measurement only raises a flag after it's too late. Our integration solution takes a different approach, reading the liquid nitrogen level, thereby enabling the user to fill the tank before the temperature rises.

While these two new integration categories are certainly top of mind, the past several months have also been occupied by a slew of other integrations. Here’s an update on our integration work since our last update on the topic:


  •  Sartorius Biostat RM 20|50


  • Sheldon Incubators
  • Sanyo MCO Incubators
  • PHCBI Incubators
  • VWR Air-Jacketed Incubators
  • NuAire CO2 Incubators
  • Thermo Steri Cycle 370 Series
  • Thermo Forma Stericycle Series
  • Thermo Forma 3920
  • Thermo Heratherm IMH + IGS Series
  • Kendro Heracell
  • Eppendorf/New Brunswick S41i
  • Endress + Hauser Proline Prowirl Flow Meters
  • Multitron
  • PHCBI MCO Series
  • Kendro Heracell
  • Kuhner X Series, Net-60 Module (Shaker Incubator)
  • Fisher Isotemp
  • Thermo MaxQ 8000 (Incubator Shaker)
  • Liconic StoreX
  • Eppendorf Innova 42/44/44R (Shaker Incubator)


  • Thermo Revco UXF
  • Helmer ULT iUF126

Liquid Nitrogen/Cryotanks:

  • Thermo CryoPlus
  • Thermo CryoExtra 8100 Series
  • Thermo CryoExtra CE 8100 Series
  • Thermo MVE TEC3000 LN2 Tank Controller
  • MVE HEco 1542R-190 LN2 Freezer
  • Biolife Solutions/Custom BioGenic Cryopreservation Isothermal Freezer


  • Thermo Excelsior (Tissue Processor)
  • Vaisala GMP251 (CO2 Probe)
  • PureAire Air Check (Oxygen Monitor)
  • Mettler FiveEasy Plus pH meter (pH meter)
  • Okolab CO2 Unit BL Gas Controller
  • Airgas Smart Alarm Box
  • AE Adam Solis Balance
  • SGD 914-AVA (Manifold)
  • Bacharach MGS-550 Dual Monitor (O2/CO2)
  • Thermo MaxQ 416HP/430HP Shaker


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