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How Lab-Wide Utilization Data Transforms Your Asset Lifecycle

How Lab-Wide Utilization Data Transforms Your Asset Lifecycle

The scientific assets that line a lab’s tables and entertain a researcher’s days are the subjects of tireless planning, steep investment, and thoughtful operation. Their lifecycle reads as a daunting LabOps to-do list: planning & acquisition, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. 

For too long, asset lifecycle decisions were made with insufficient data and overextended intuition. In order to make truly informed asset lifecycle decisions, LabOps pros would be required to manually record the usage of every asset in the lab. As you can imagine, such time-consuming processes have rendered universal utilization data out of reach for most labs -- until today.

Elemental Machines’ new universal utilization solution transforms any object with a power cord into a cloud-connected smart device. The breakthrough is thanks in large part to the advent of the Element-U, a new sensor that hugs a power cord to monitor the electrical current flowing within. The resulting utilization data is transmitted wirelessly to the Elemental Machines cloud-based dashboard for access from anywhere, anytime.

By tracking utilization of every asset in the lab, LabOps pros are empowered to optimize asset management practices throughout the asset lifecycle. Universal Utilization data can be leveraged to:

  • Inform purchasing decisions
  • Understand equipment usage 
  • Refine service contracts and warranties
  • Proactively schedule maintenance 
  • Decommission unused assets

Existing Elemental Machines customers will find a new Usage tab in their dashboards immediately. Element-U sensors can be ordered to outfit any asset with a power cord by reaching out to your sales rep.

Uniformed asset lifecycle decision making is over at last; actionable intel for every object in a lab is finally a reality.

New customers are invited to try our new universal utilization data solution without cost for 30 days by clicking on the button below.

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