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New Integration: Thermo Fisher CryoPlus Storage Systems

New Integration: Thermo Fisher CryoPlus Storage Systems

Around the world, Thermo Fisher CryoPlus Storage Systems house precious samples and priceless specimens of long-term study. Because the conditions inside such a consequential environment must be free of surprise or compromise, researchers routinely lean on the strength of Thermo Fisher, a company with more than a century of experience and know-how.

By our team’s estimates, roughly 75% of our customers employ a Thermo Fisher CryoPlus tank in their labs. Such a loyal following earned our attention – and action.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of the Thermo Fisher CryoPlus Storage System to our roster of more than 500 scientific instrument hardware integrations. This new integration will empower operators to do more than monitor their tank’s temperature from anywhere at any time. It will also free them to read the tank’s liquid nitrogen level, a leading indicator of impending temperature compromise.

By monitoring liquid nitrogen levels remotely, lab managers can ensure that their tank environments are continuously hospitable, rather than raising alarm only after temperatures drop.

This new integration bolsters Elemental Machines’ robust database of integrations, including gas manifolds, incubators, pressure sensors, and more. Ready to gain new insights from your CryoPlus Storage Systems? 


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