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Software Update: Alerts Update

Software Update: Alerts Update

Escalate or Pause Alerts and Organize Users by Group


One of the first promises we ever made to the LabOps community was that our universal lab monitoring technology would enable something that had little to do with lab operations, clinical research, or scientific discovery.

Our pledge was simple: by connecting everything in a lab to the cloud, lab managers could finally take a vacation. Fear of returning to freezer failure or machine malfunction could finally be eliminated.

Today, our release of three new alert features doubles down on that promise. Our new escalating alerts capability frees LabOps pros from 24/7 responsibility when they need to focus or simply take a break. If an important alert goes unclaimed for a user-determined amount of time, the alert escalates up a preset chain of contacts. 

Second, when routine maintenance or asset relocation renders your alert thresholds temporarily unnecessary, alerts can be paused at your command. Defrosting a freezer? You won't be bothered.

And finally, for large organizations faced with frequent role changes and shifting teams, our new user groups feature allows access and alerts to be set up by group, enabling new members to be added to all relevant assets with a single step.

The user groups feature is available to use in the Elemental Machines dashboard today.

Interested in adding alert escalation or pause capabilities to your account? Click here below to get access on your EM Dashboard.




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