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The Secret Powers of an Open Door - Improving Reproducibility by Monitoring Door-Open Events

The Secret Powers of an Open Door - Improving Reproducibility by Monitoring Door-Open Events

Experimental irreproducibility costs the life sciences industry a mind-boggling $28.2 billion in R&D expenditure each year. The waste takes the form of precious time devoted (once again) to recreating studies and requiring samples, and precious budgets devoted to repurchasing costly reagents. But the ultimate result is even more severe: project delays that impede an organization from meeting its annual goals and delay novel treatments and cures from reaching those who desperately need them.

Determining the root causes of irreproducibility can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But one common root cause that is often overlooked is improper material storage. Improper process conditions can easily arise from an action as simple as the opening of a storage cabinet, cold storage unit, or incubator door.

Why is the open door culprit such a common one? It’s difficult to catch and even harder to prove. Many delicate reagents or samples are affected by small variations in temperature, humidity, and light, yet your team may not be aware that slightly ajar doors on cabinets, freezes, refrigerators, and incubators could be compromising their samples.

The universal LabOps platform from Elemental Machines is masterful at catching and tracking door-open events and the condition changes they introduce. Our system provides detailed information about open door events for nearly any asset, from any manufacturer, from any era. This insight provides teams with traceable data to identify potential root causes of experimental irreproducibility.

An open door may sound like a minor thing to track, but for the researchers whose projects it rescues from ruin, the insight is anything but small.

Learn more about how the open door events feature on the Elemental Machines dashboard:

  • provides insurance for protocol compliance
  • results in 24/7 remote alerting
  • helps eliminates data gaps by recording electronic data in a 21 CRF Part 11 compliant format

Download our free e-guide, The Lab Walls Speak, for more information.


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