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Elemental Machines Careers

Help us build the trusted platform for a crucial category.

When our teams succeed, LabOps leaders gain essential intel and scientific discovery accelerates. Together, we're building and launching world-class products embraced by the scientific community around the world. Invest your career in the advancement of research at Elemental Machines.
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Mission & Vision

What do we do?

We elevate LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery.

How do we do it?

We simplify the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

Why do we do it?

Optimizing the operations of research, clinical, and quality control labs has an exponential impact.

Our Core Values

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Embrace a sense of urgency and focus on delivering on our ambitious goals. Have the grit and resilience to keep going even when the path looks steep.
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Honor the trust customers and team members put in you. Be kind, honest, and empathetic. Be hard on problems, not people. Have the courage to voice concerns and support the decisions that are made.
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Expect excellence from yourself and your teammates. Ownership and responsibility begins with you. Take pride in your work.
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Flex your imagination to do more with less. Embrace every challenge as a learning opportunity for yourself. Use your judgment, ask questions, and listen.

Accelerate scientific discovery through any trade.

Our holistic LabOps intelligence solution draws almost any data point, from any lab equipment, made by any manufacturer, accessible by anyone, from anywhere. Such a robust solution requires the cooperation of product engineers, data scientists, software developers, marketers, sales reps, customer success advocates, and more. View our current openings by selecting one of our talented teams below:

People are talking.

LabOps leaders don't just use Elemental Machines. Many of our customers say they couldn't work without us. One thing is for sure: we can't grow without you. Take a look at what Elemental Machines' customers are saying, then reach out to talk to us.

"We’re able to view data for equipment that wasn’t previously connected. Now we have real-time monitoring of temperature that provides us insights into equipment functionality, analysis of shared equipment usage, and the ability to detect problems.
We had a refrigerator that was slowly increasing in temperature over a period of time. The average temperature was still inside the desired range, but the equipment clearly wasn’t functioning properly. We sent the temperature graphs to our service provider and they were able to make the diagnosis remotely and then order the replacement parts needed to fix it. This saved time and money for everyone involved”
Lyndsey Rissin, Senior Manager, Lab Operations, LabCentral