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LabOps E-Guides from Elemental Machines

As a LabOps professional, the duties and responsibilities on your plate are both crucial and uncommon. Here, we’ve assembled best practices for some of the most pressing tasks under your purview, including CO2 incubator monitoring, freezer monitoring and alarms, data management for laboratory equipment, and ambient environmental monitoring.

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Guide to CO2 Incubator Monitoring

Are your incubators telling you the truth? Find out by effectively monitoring the environmental conditions within the incubators responsible for high value samples.

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Guide to Freezer_Refrigerator Monitoring

Guide to Freezer Monitoring and Alarms

Here’s the cold, hard truth: some leading freezer manufacturers only guarantee temperature accuracy within 7 degrees. If such a discrepancy could make or break your research, reliable monitoring is essential. (And installing it could be easier than you think.)

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Data Management for Lab Equipment

Data Management For Laboratory Equipment

Today, across industries, data is king. But few can relate to the robust security, compliance, and ease of access that researchers and scientists require. Here, find tailored data management solutions for the unique needs of your lab.

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Guide to Ambient Environmental Monitoring

If only these walls could talk. With ambient monitoring, they can. See how to draw unexpected insights by monitoring light, temperature, humidity, and more with ambient environmental monitoring.

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4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars of Lab Equipment Monitoring

Learn about how IoT, cloud-based technologies can help you with Lab Equipment Monitoring. This eGuide outlines the four pillars of Lab Equipment Monitoring and how the Elemental Machines platform supports these requirements.

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ebook labcompare

What Does the Lab of the Future Look Like?

Curious about what the lab of the future will look like? Find out from the experts at LabCompare/BioCompare in this informative eGuide.

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