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Elemental Machines + eLabNEXT

Seamlessly integrated real-time instrument data with your eLabJournal.  


How does it work?

Equip your eLabJournal with lab visibility from Elemental Machines in a few simple steps:
  • Select a critical piece of equipment you would like to monitor. 
  • Fill out the form below
  • We will send you 2 sensors and a Gateway Unit
  • Our CS Team will connect with you virtually to support your installation (less than 15 min) 
  • Begin receiving data about your equipment and room
  • Connect your Elemental Data to your eLabJournal

Program Details:

  • 30 Days of free monitoring
  • Support connecting data from Hardware to your eLabJournal portal
  • Hardware included:
    • Element A: Monitor conditions from the lab environment itself, including temperature, humidity, light and air pressure
    • Element T: Collect data from -80C freezers,  -20C freezers, 4C refrigerators, ovens, liquid nitrogen tanks, incubators & more
    • Gateway Unit: Capture bluetooth data transmitted from Elements and transmits it to the EM cloud. Your Gateway unit connects multiple sensors and removes the need for data or power cables making the entire system easy to install