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Realize the Full Potential of Your Operations With Elemental Machines’ Integrations

Seamlessly Connect Your Network of Equipment

At Elemental Machines, we redefine connectivity in scientific research and manufacturing to deliver a universe of insights. Our extensive library of integrations, enhanced by APIs and custom services, connects your lab in ways you never imagined possible.


Your Ecosystem: Fully Connected, Full Time

Discover the ease and power of integrating with our robust library, featuring advanced IoT sensor technologies and connectivity solutions to provide insights from a wide array of hardware and software equipment across various processes and manufacturers.

Equipment Manufacturers We Readily Integrate With

Elemental Machines can integrate with thousands of instruments and a range of manufacturers, ensuring your assets are fully connected and optimized around the clock.

Brands include:


Mettler Toledo


Thermo Fisher
















New Brunswick


And many more …

Looking for a Specific Model or Manufacturer?

If you dont see your equipment listed, don’t worry. We likely have a solution ready or can develop one for you.

Simplifying QA/QC Management and Maintenance

Elemental Machines not only provides connectivity and real-time data flow, but also simplifies QA/QC management and maintenance, ensuring compliance and efficiency across your lab or manufacturing operations.

Custom Integration Services

Your unique lab deserves a unique solution. Our dedicated Integrations team specializes in creating custom connections for both modern and legacy equipment, ensuring your lab operates at peak efficiency, regardless of the assets age or rarity.

Categories by Asset Type

  • Cold storage: Thermo Fisher and MVE
    • Fridges and freezers
    • LN freezers and liquid level sensors 
    • ULT freezers
  • Bioreactors: Sartorius
  • Incubators: Top brands like Thermo Fisher, Eppendorf/New Brunswick Innova, Infors, and others
    • CO2
    • Shaker
    • Roller
  • Incubator infrastructure: Vaisala and CO2Meter
    • CO2 probes
    • CO2 + O2 gas monitors
    • Oxygen depletion monitors
    • Humidity controllers
    • Flow meters
    • Gas manifolds
    • And more
  • Tissue processors
  • Mass balances: Mettler Toledo and others
  • pH meters
  • Differential pressure sensors: Dwyer
  • Liquid level sensors
  • Environmental monitoring:
    • Particle counters
    • Ambient CO2 monitors
    • Ambient temperature, light, humidity, pressure monitors

Categories by Workflow

  • Life sciences R&D (CGT, tissue culture, proteomics)
    • Upstream processing
      • Bioreactors
      • Incubators
      • Cold storage
    • Downstream processing
      • Purification
      • Concentration
      • Cold storage
    • Environmental monitoring
  • Biopharma production & manufacturing
    • Automated batch record
    • Environmental monitoring
  • Preclinical trials
    • Vivarium
      • Environmental monitoring
  • Controlled environments
    • Cleanrooms
      • Environmental monitoring
  • Facilities management
    • Gas management
      • Gas monitors, gas manifolds, flow meters (incubator infrastructure)
    • Waste management
      • Liquid level monitoring
    • HVAC
      • Differential pressure
  • Quality assurance/quality control
    • pH meters
    • Mass balances

Need More Information or a Full List of Integrations? 

Fill out our form to get detailed information tailored to your facility’s specific needs. Let our experts find the right IoT connectivity solution to help transform your lab with our unparalleled integration capabilities. 

Ready to get started?

Request a demo to see the Elemental Machines platform at work, or talk with a LabOps Data Strategist to learn more.

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Elemental Machines is compatible with existing assets, ELN, and LIMS. Translation: no reinvention of the wheel necessary.

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The Elemental Machines platform was built for rapid deployment. Sensors begin transmitting data just 60 seconds after unboxing.

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