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LabOps Excellence

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LabOps Pillars


Asset Management


Safety & Compliance


Operational Data Management


Logistics & Procurement


Team Management



LabOps Excellence Pillars

What is LabOps?

LabOps is...

  • A set of practices that combines laboratory management (Lab) and operations management (Ops). LabOps professionals aim to drive technological and scientific innovation through the implementation of standard operating procedures, which support data-driven decision-making within research, development, and clinical organizations.
  • Driven by digital transformation and the rise of Industry 4.0. LabOps is an emerging field essential to accelerating the pace of scientific innovation.
  • Positioned at the intersection of human capital and advanced technologies that help organizations improve the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and integrity of processes in their labs.

LabOps Excellence Maturity Model

Defining excellence in LabOps is a complex and difficult task. That's why EM has developed the LabOps Excellence Maturity Model, based on the six pillars of LabOps. Each pillar is comprised of several core practices. For each core practice, a range of behaviors and competencies has been detailed on a range of low to high maturity. 

To see where you land on the scale, check out our LabOps Excellence Self-Assessment. This guided tool will walk you through each pillar and core practice and provide you with a comprehensive LabOps Excellence score that you can use to help your team(s) get to the next level.

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DevOps to LabOps

A trusted analogy

According to EM's founder and CEO, Sridhar Iyengar, LabOps is to scientists what DevOps is to developers. Both LabOps and DevOps provide essential functional support that shortens timelines and ensures the delivery of high-quality products.

Listen as Sridhar explains the synergy in detail in EM's origin story video. 

The LabOps Leadership Podcast

Bringing the community together through interviews with the most inspiring and influential leaders in Laboratory Operations.

Hosted by Samantha Black, PhD and the LabOps Unite Leadership Team

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LabOps Community Group 

Why Join?

Elemental Machines is a proud supporter of the growing life science professional community. Co-founded in 2020 by Amanda Allen and Robert Pemberton, this group has grown to 500+ members and counting!

LabOps Unite is a global community of operations professionals who join forces to trade ideas, offer counsel, and discuss relevant developments with their colleagues worldwide.

Member Benefits Include:

  • A life science ecosystem at your fingertips to source ideas and resources
  • Monthly educational webinars to learn about emerging industry trends
  • Career advancement training through the LabOps Mentorship Program
  • Leadership development opportunities by joining the Leadership Board or Annual Leadership Summit
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