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The LabOps Intelligence Platform

Unite your data to drive discovery.

Imagine if your lab equipment could alert you remotely when it’s about to fail. Or, if it’s costing unnecessary dollars from disuse.

Labs today need to be as intelligent as the researchers and staff working in them. With Elemental Machines, you can non-invasively connect your lab assets to the cloud, uniting your discovery-accelerating data onto a single dashboard or your favorite systems via API, with the ability to monitor those assets remotely wherever, whenever.

Request a demo today to get non-invasive 24/7 remote monitoring of your lab assets.

lab equipment connected to the cloud + Laboratory information management system
Artboard 6-2


(Model EU2)


Clamps to power cord

Cellular backup

Artboard 7

EM Cloud Dashboard

Visualize equipment usage anytime and anywhere, even on your mobile device.


Data Interface

API integrates the secure sharing of data to your LIMS, ELN, QMS, or other software databases.

Trusted by over 400 of the world's most trusted names

Perkin Elmer logo + LIMS
Quanterix logo + LIMS
labcentral logo + LIMS

Draw utilization data from any object in your lab

Elemental Machines can monitor utilization from almost any asset, regardless of function, brand, or age. Methods include:

icon of door open + Laboratory information management system

Door-open events

thermometer changing temperatures icon + Laboratory information management system

Temperature Changes

Current Loop icon + Laboratory information management system

Current Loops


Power Cord Monitoring

One dashboard–A single source of truth

Advanced software turns a lab full of data into a lab fueled by insights.


Alerting & Monitoring


Calibration & Maintenance


Asset Management




Data Management



Insights Laptop with software +  Laboratory_instruments

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