Leveraging Operational Metadata to Minimize Guesswork in the Lab and Beyond


How the world’s best-performing labs adopt strategies for eliminating guesswork and shrink the time it takes to make decisions

Insights from operational metadata help take the guesswork out of lab work to improve the quality of experimental results and speed the overall pace of the scientific process.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Leverage monitoring solutions to measure environmental conditions
  2. Integrate with lab equipment to begin collecting equipment operating status data
  3. Implement a comprehensive alerting and monitoring system to proactively control for operational metadata throughout the entire scientific process

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The LabOps Intelligence Platform

Unite your data to drive discovery.

The world’s leading labs use Elemental Machines’ suite of software and hardware to connect equipment to the cloud – and unite a lab full of data onto a single dashboard or their favorite systems via API.