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Quality Assurance & Control

Separate the Best from the Rest, Automatically

Reduce waste and regulatory burden with autonomous quality checkpoints at consequential steps in your manufacturing or research process.

GxP Compliance

Features that match your GxP checklist

Instill good practices without great effort with our NIST-traceable sensors, field calibration, audit reports, and IQ/OQ procedures.

21 CFR Part 11

Satisfy electronic records requirements

Through a robust combination of encrypted sensor data, redundant storage, time stamping, and user authentication, our platform meets the electronic record authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

QMS Compatibility via API

Export data to your existing QMS

Draw correlations between environmental data, process yields, and quality, then export your findings to an existing quality management system via API.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Elemental Machines’ certification confirms what our customers have long known: that our commitment to providing top-quality solutions designed specifically for the LabOps community is unwavering. 

Comprehensive Data Solution

Compliance creates a welcome byproduct: lab-wide intel

With Elemental Machines, regulatory compliance produces a byproduct of data that informs purchasing decisions, quality control, process optimization, and more. Eliminate paper records, reduce silos, and gain insights by connecting your entire lab with Elemental Machines today.

The Elemental Machines Platform meets the electronic records requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, including:


Ready to get started?

Request a demo to see the Elemental Machines platform at work, or talk with a LabOps Data Strategist to learn more.

Keep what you love

Elemental Machines is compatible with existing assets, ELN, and LIMS. Translation: no reinvention of the wheel necessary.

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Get started in seconds

The Elemental Machines platform was built for rapid deployment. Sensors begin transmitting data just 60 seconds after unboxing.

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