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Usage Solution

On or off, it's on the record.

Empowers agile operations to monitor real-time and historic usage to guide the service, relocation, removal, and purchase of lab equipment to optimize capital and operating resources.
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Service Contracts


Reduce service contracts based on actual usage data, not estimates.



Sell unused equipment and save on unnecessary service plans, warranties, and square footage.



Relocate underused equipment or optimize your floor plan based on usage patterns.



Acquire new equipment armed with intel regarding which tools have the least capacity and downtime.

Usage Solution | Introductory Video

Artboard 6-2


(Model EU2)


Clamps to power cord

Cellular backup

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EM Cloud Dashboard

Visualize equipment usage anytime and anywhere, even on your mobile device.


Data Interface

API integrates the secure sharing of data to your LIMS, ELN, QMS, or other software databases.


Customer: A major pharmaceutical company contracting with Elemental Machines’ lab equipment partner, PerkinElmer, deployed Elemental Machines’ usage platform on 20 devices for 30 days.

Results: The lab removed, relocated, or canceled service contracts for 34 assets, saving over $40,000.

View equipment usage across your lab in real-time and over time.


“[Lab Scheduler] has a system where you can plot data points by marking utilization and then seeing exactly when they reserved it for how much time they reserved it. That is not accurate — that is just your reservation type. So, combining that with an Element-U where you can actually see and track the time from sash open and close. That helped our team get a clear picture of actual usage; [a team member] did reserve for this time, but [they] did not use it for the entire time.”

Asiem Bhaskar

Scientific Operations Manager, Arbor Bio

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Comprehensive Data Solution

Data from every object, data for every purpose, data for everyone

With the Elemental Machines platform, asset utilization is but one aspect of the discovery-accelerating data goldmine at your fingertips. Eliminate paper records, reduce silos, and gain insights by connecting your entire lab with Elemental Machines today.
lab equipment connected to the cloud + Laboratory information management system

Draw utilization data from any object in your lab

Elemental Machines can monitor utilization from almost any asset, regardless of function, brand, or age. Methods include:

icon of door open + Laboratory information management system

Door-open events

thermometer changing temperatures icon + Laboratory information management system

Temperature Changes

Current Loop icon + Laboratory information management system

Current Loops


Power Cord Monitoring

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Elemental Machines is compatible with existing assets, ELN, and LIMS. Translation: no reinvention of the wheel necessary.

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The Elemental Machines platform was built for rapid deployment. Sensors begin transmitting data just 60 seconds after unboxing.

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