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Case Studies


Alerting and Monitoring of Valuable Assets

LabCentral uses the Elemental Machines systems for facility-wide monitoring

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AOBiome saves valuable samples from power outage

Battery powered alerting and monitoring platform works even when the power is out

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Women working in the LabOps department

Environmental Monitoring in a Vivarium

LA Biomed, an animal research facility, implement IoT monitoring for regulatory requirements

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Mid-size Pharma Company Switches to Elemental

Small sensor size and easy deployment caused this company to switch to Elemental

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Therapeutic company enjoys peace of mind

Inzen Therapeutics values the EM platform for its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability

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lab freezer

Calibration laboratory saves time and money

Essco Calibration Laboratory chose Elemental Machines to save time and ensure accurate data collection.

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Blood Plasma Research Company switches to Elemental for peace of mind

A Blood Plasma Company uses Elemental Machines for reliable alerting and monitoring during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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