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Elemental Machines Expands European Presence and Enhances AI-Predicted Health Score

Elemental Machines Expands European Presence and Enhances AI-Predicted Health Score

FLORENCE, Italy; June 27, 2024 (Business Wire) Elemental Machines, a leader in smart lab and manufacturing connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce they are consolidating their position in the EU by establishing a legal entity: Elemental Machines SRL. This strategic move reinforces the company’s commitment to serving the global life sciences industry. The European office in Italy has been operational for two years — including a technical team and customer support — and is now poised for significant growth with this increased investment. 


“We are excited to expand our presence in Europe, a market that has been extremely receptive to our solutions,” said Giovanni Pagni Fontebuoni, Director of Software and General Manager, Elemental Machines Europe. “This will allow us to further our mission of creating fully connected smart labs and manufacturing facilities in the life sciences sector.” 


In addition to the European expansion, Elemental Machines is also proud to announce an update to its AI-Predicted Health Score. Initially available for ultra-low temperature (ULT) 

-80° C freezers, this innovative technology is now also available for -20° C freezers. The health scores are calculated daily and regular reports are generated, with alerts sent within 24 hours for any freezers requiring attention. 


“Expanding our AI-Predicted Health Score to -20° C freezers is a tremendous addition to our current offerings, and this is just the beginning,” says Ed Seguine, CEO of Elemental Machines. “We’re working toward offering this solution for an even more comprehensive suite of applications, in line with our ethos of continuous innovation and commitment to providing proactive maintenance solutions.” 


To learn more about Elemental Machines’ enhanced AI-Predicted Health Score, visit their website or explore the comprehensive AI Health Score Infographic. 


About Elemental Machines 

Elemental Machines’ Intelligent Operations Platform leverages the best of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and custom hardware/software solutions, delivering actionable insights to operators in life sciences, biopharma labs, biobanks, analytical labs, and manufacturing facilities. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, the platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations. Leaders in science, facilities, and technology trust Elemental Machines’ ecosystem for insights that accelerate innovation, predict outcomes, and shift from reactive to proactive management. With scalable solutions from incubator to enterprise, custom integrations to fit each operation’s unique needs, and a wide ecosystem of partnerships, Elemental Machines ensures operational excellence and the future-proofing of lab and manufacturing processes. 



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