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Elemental Machines Introduces Revolutionary Health Score Tool for Proactive Equipment Monitoring

Elemental Machines Introduces Revolutionary Health Score Tool for Proactive Equipment Monitoring

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.; Feb. 6, 2024 (Business Wire) — Data-driven laboratory and manufacturing operational connectivity pioneer Elemental Machines announces the launch of Health Score — a revolutionary predictive tool designed to assess and ensure the optimal functioning of laboratory freezers. This cutting-edge application expands Elemental Machines’ commitment to enhancing laboratory efficiency and equipment reliability through intelligent analytics and data science.

The Health Score algorithm evaluates hidden patterns in both the power usage and temperature changes in lab freezers, providing a proactive approach to maintenance. By analyzing actual compressor and temperature patterns, and those of an ideal freezer, the tool can pinpoint irregularities that suggest a need for intervention — calibration, defrosting, or repair — potentially preventing costly outages and sample loss. “Understanding the health of lab equipment is crucial for uninterrupted research and development,” says Elemental Machines Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Sridhar Iyengar, Ph.D. “With Health Score, laboratory managers can now get ahead of equipment issues, ensuring integrity and longevity of critical samples.”

Elemental Machines’ Health Score is uniquely designed to focus solely on the freezer’s operational state, disregarding temporary fluctuations caused by user interactions such as door openings. This ensures that the score accurately reflects the freezer’s performance over time. A Health Score validation report comprises a comprehensive review of thermo-power dynamics, the algorithm’s analysis of the freezer’s health, and its practical application using available data. Overall, the scoring system offers a clear visual representation of a freezer’s health, highlighting abnormal trends that warrant further investigation — weeks or even months in advance of adverse consequences. “Our extensive research into these variations allows the Health Score to serve as an invaluable early warning system for equipment health,” adds Iyengar.

To learn more about this innovative solution, contact Elemental Machines.

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Elemental Machines’ Intelligent Operations Platform combines the best of Internet of Things (IoT) technology with purpose-built software solutions to deliver actionable intel to operators in the life sciences and beyond. The Platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations by connecting the physical and digital infrastructure. Science and technology leaders trust Elemental Machines’ ecosystem of hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that accelerate their pace of innovation.

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