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EM Biotech Connect 2022 offers unique insights into the lab of the future

EM Biotech Connect 2022 offers unique insights into the lab of the future

Cambridge, Mass.—August 23, 2022– LabOps pioneer Elemental Machines has started registrations for Biotech Connect 2022, a full-day event at MassBioHub, where R&D lab leaders will meet in person on September 22 to analyze the changes shaping up scientific discovery in the future. They will discuss the business, human, and technology factors underpinning the transformation of the health and biotech industries.

MassBioHub event on 9/22 brings together the business, human and technological trends driving lab transformation

Behind both business and human trends is data. New technology has made it possible to automatically collect, analyze, and report research results using internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) features that were long predicted but are only now arriving at labs in force. The impact in the ability of researchers to reproduce experiments and ensure technical quality is already having a profound effect in science. These are a just a sample of the topics that will be discussed at the in-person event. 


In terms of business, the pandemic highlighted the role of government funding in support of scientific research before its market applications become apparent. COVID-19 vaccines would have not been available in 2020 without substantial government funding. Breakthrough research requires labs that are ready to meet exacting public agency standards. This comes in addition to venture capital requirements.


For the researchers pushing science forward, intense competition for discovery adds to the stress of meeting business and public good goals. Biotech Connect 2022 will be held in conjunction with the LabOps Unite Leadership Summit, which this year will focus on helping lab leaders develop their people skills. The agenda includes sessions on involving team members in the decisions affecting them, coaching for performance, and encouraging people to act. 


Attendance to EM Biotech Connect 2022 is free, but limited. Anyone interested in applying can learn more at:


For media inquiries and press pass requests, please contact Samantha Black by email at


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