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Spotlight on automation partner Qualer

Spotlight on automation partner Qualer

In this edition of the EM Partner Post, Elemental Machines highlights Qualer as a premier integrations partner, which will enable customers to optimize lab management with its cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Purpose-built for the life sciences, Qualer’s automation platform is designed to absolve organizations of their burdensome asset and vendor management tasks by enhancing collaboration and visibility while


insulating against risk. Qualer offers users a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform to maintain a state of total asset control ahead of the next audit. With Qualer’s CMMS software, you can:

  • Schedule repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Track parts and materials used for maintenance
  • Generate work orders and reports for key measurables
  • Digitally manage certifications and compliance documentation
  • Document specifications and standards for calibration


Implement early and reap the long-term rewards

Many organizations, especially in their early stages, view asset management software as an unnecessary expense. But the long-term value of an automated system lies in the savings incurred via improved processes. When it comes to audits, the time and resource burden can be a heavy lift on teams. Qualer’s CMMS provides improved risk avoidance via proactive preparation for audits along with digital centralized reporting and documentation to streamline the audit process. 

Qualer Asset Manager

Qualer Asset Manager

Additionally, every team is held to high standards when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Qualer’s platform allows for enhanced asset lifespan through the analysis of failure and usage data. Moreover, teams can preserve budget with Qualer’s platform by optimizing asset usage and service scheduling. CMMS can also help eliminate purchasing redundancies and the added costs of expedited calibration and maintenance services through automated calibration and repair scheduling that reduces human error. The cost and time savings associated with all of these key benefits easily provide justification for early adoption of a CMMS.  

Work smarter, not harder

“Elemental Machines’ LapOps Intelligence Platform combines novel mission critical data and insights with Qualer’s CMMS platform to better serve Biotech and Pharma with overall R&D and Manufacturing quality assurance requirements,” explains Kevin Ghiasi, Global Strategic Alliances at Elemental Machines. 

The value for customers using Qualer and EM together is the elimination of data silos in the lab. The integrated platforms enable reporting on asset maintenance data combined with environmental and performance data. Cumulatively, this integrated data can be used to streamline and optimize operations.  

For example, customers can track incubator temperature, O2/CO2 percentage, maintenance records, and calibration information all in a single view. With the combined data, if the incubator is operating out of range, customers can immediately check to see if the incubator is due for service and request a work order.  Additionally, this data can assist repair technicians in problem resolutions.  

Improved audit readiness

Integrating systems further centralizes the data and reports that auditors and regulatory agencies look for. Instead of looking through paper-based log books or multiple systems for service history, certifications, and out-of-range operating conditions, data is in one system. Further, data entry errors related to manual tasks and delayed information updates are replaced by accurate, automatically generated data regular updates from across the lab and manufacturing environment.  

Keep an eye on ambient conditions

Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and other environmental factors in the lab can impact the performance of your instruments and science.  Ambient data can be linked to outages, performance issues, and service history to identify conditions that adversely affect both scientific and asset performance. Tracking this data in an integrated system makes it easier than ever to get to the bottom of confounding operational variables. 

Learn more about how Qualer can take your asset management to the next level.

About the EM Partner Post

The Elemental Machines Partner Post is a blog series highlighting members of our extensive integrations and partner network. Throughout this series, readers will learn how to make their data work for them and the creative ways that our ecosystem partners can help organizations accelerate their digital transformations and speed scientific innovation. To learn more about our ecosystem please visit our Partners page.


ReidHjalmarson_headshotReid Hjalmarson is Growth Marketing Manager for Qualer. He has spent the last 10 years in the life science industry supporting researchers and facilities professionals with their lab asset needs, from buying, selling, and servicing equipment to maintaining control and compliance with digital tools. Reid's academic background is in the sciences, having received his B.S. in Biology from UC San Diego as well as completing a short post-graduate program in the development of algal biofuels via molecular techniques (also at UCSD). While he prefers to be out of the lab, Reid remains passionate about supporting science and scientific advancement.

MichaelSpezia_headshotMichael Spezia is Channel Marketing Director for Elemental Machines.  Michael has been helping laboratory operations professionals and scientists transition from paper to digital for over 20 years.  Prior to joining Elemental Machines, Michael has held several leadership positions in laboratory informatics marketing, customer success, and sales.  He has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Lawrence Technological University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

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