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Elemental Calendar

Free Lab Equipment Reservation System

Reserve it. Research it. Retrieve it.

Introducing Elemental Calendar, the only lab equipment reservation software built for LabsOps. Reserve assets, assign users, and tag protocols for any tool across the lab, free of charge.
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Say Goodbye to Clumsy Calendars

Makeshift shared calendars and building management systems are ineffective reservation tools for modern lab equipment. Elemental Calendar integrates the protocols and permissions other systems lack at a price none can beat: $0.




Built for LabOps, Built for Today

Elemental Calendar optimizes the workflows of a transformed laboratory environment. 

As teams return to their labs in full or in part, our free tool empowers lab managers with the flexibility they need to schedule assets with ease and set their teams up for success.


Protocol Assignments


Assign to Primary Investigators


Organize by Area


Schedule Maintenance


Communicate Downtime


Invite colleagues

Offline Assets, On the Record

Schedule recurring maintenance with ease and notify stakeholders of planned asset downtime.



See Elemental Calendar in Action

Get a Demo Today

See how simple scheduling can be.

To get started book a demo and set up call. 

You will have access to the schedule tool for free by the end of the call.