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Asset Management

Manage to optimize, manage to inform.

Get more from your existing enterprise assets. Distill data from any asset to a single IoT platform for real time monitoring, informed decision making, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Equipment Monitoring

Let the record show it all.

Our universal platform monitors nearly any metric, from any asset, of type, by any brand, from any era. Custom notifications alert stakeholders the moment an asset malfunctions, power fails, or a metric falls out of range. Data integrates seamlessly with any existing ELN, LIMS, or ERP system.


See What Gets Used (and What to Excuse).

Know which assets gain favor and which gather dust, both in real time and over time. Evaluate usage data to make informed budgeting and purchase decisions that put resources in the right hands.

Data Archival & Retrieval

Monitor the moment, inform the future.

Our monitoring platform produces a trove of data that doubles as a historical record for quality management, utilization reports, and regulatory filings. Eliminate paper records, reduce silos, and gain insights by connecting your entire lab with Elemental Machines today.

Data Security

Keep your data out of the wrong hands.

Ensure the integrity of your data with enterprise level security built to meet regulatory requirements like 21 CFR Part 11.

The Elemental Machines Platform meets the electronic records requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, including:


Ready to get started?

Request a demo to see the Elemental Machines platform at work, or talk with a LabOps Data Strategist to learn more.

Keep what you love

Elemental Machines is compatible with existing assets, ELN, and LIMS. Translation: no reinvention of the wheel necessary.

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Get started in seconds

The Elemental Machines platform was built for rapid deployment. Sensors begin transmitting data just 60 seconds after unboxing.

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