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Spotlight on data integration and automation partner, Ganymede

Spotlight on data integration and automation partner, Ganymede

In this edition of the EM Partner Post, Elemental Machines (EM) welcomes Ganymede as a premier integrations partner. Now, both companies will be able to provide customers with whole-lab connectivity and live access to all of their enriched lab data within a single digital experience.

Imagine a future where lab operations are optimized, errors are detected and resolved early, and all data is seamlessly flowing across your teams and ready for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Thanks to our newest breakthrough partnership with Ganymede Bio this future is now closer to reality.

The combination of Elemental Machines' equipment and environmental data, with Ganymede's analytical and scientific data will empower users to view a more complete picture of their facilities both at a scientific and operational level. This newer, more holistic approach to analysis will facilitate a deeper understanding of the relationship between lab conditions and experimental outcomes, and thereby unlock data-driven decision-making.

A 360° view of your lab operations

Scientific Data Cloud DefinitionGanymede's scientific data cloud, powered by their Lab-as-Code technology, unites everything from analytical instrument data to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and more in a single FAIR data cloud layer. The company's off-the-shelf instrument and app connectors and data automation systems can automate scientific analysis and results entry into electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) or LIMS, producing powerful visualizations for data in the lab. With Ganymede, scientists reduce more than 90% of data entry errors and save upwards of 20% of their time by eliminating manual data tasks. Organizations are also empowered to easily build a rich data lake for IT and data science teams.Fair Definition

“The Ganymede and Elemental Machines integration provides customers with central access to analytical and scientific data insights in addition to automating the task of updating operational data from Elemental Machines directly into the customer’s ELN and LIMS platforms,” said Kevin Ghiasi, VP of Integrations and Global Alliances at Elemental Machines. “Importantly, the integration brings insights from many new classes of devices under a single view.”

For more information on why scientific professionals need a lab integration system like Ganymede, check out this recent Q&A with Ganymede’s co-founder and CEO Nathan Clark in Lab Manager.

The combination of Ganymede and EM will enable users to both experience several meaningful improvements to their existing implementations, and take advantage of their data in novel and powerful ways. 

Ganymede-EM ecosystem

Collect data from your whole lab

In the ever-evolving (and demanding) world of scientific research and development, the integration of data from various lab equipment and instruments is increasingly paramount. This integration not only breaks down data silos, allowing seamless transitions between solutions for accessing all data, but also merges operational insights via EM with scientific outcomes via Ganymede. An exemplary case is a bioreactor, where data from EM sensors and files pulled from bioreactor computers converge to provide a comprehensive understanding of each batch. This combination is crucial in obtaining a complete picture of the processes and results.

Bring “intelligence” to your lab operations

Thanks to this new integration, live monitoring of asset utilization and status is now possible across all lab equipment and instruments. Accompanied by powerful in-app dashboards and business intelligence tools, these tools offer fresh perspectives by using combined data sets, enabling simultaneous viewing of environmental and scientific data. Structured lab data also allows users to successfully implement advanced analytics, including AI and machine learning. 

This goes beyond observing how an experiment unfolds; it aids in understanding the underlying reasons for specific outcomes. For instance, Kytopen, an early customer in the cell and gene therapy space, leverages Ganymede’s platform to unify analysis of their workflows and accelerate their science. According to their Chief Technology Officer, Bethany Grant, “ [Ganymede’s] reliable data management and automation through all workflows [was] critical to [Kytopen’s] success.” This integration has allowed Kytopen to avoid additional hiring and foster greater trust in their science, demonstrating the critical role of structured data in smarter CapEx investments.

Accurately diagnose errors and “weird” results

The combined utility of Ganymede and EM aids in accurately diagnosing errors and unusual results. Rapid detection of errors, identification of bottlenecks, resolution of batch failures, and prevention of downtime are all facilitated by Ganymede’s automated analysis, which can pinpoint data outliers related to specific batches or runs. This data is enriched by equipment and environmental data supplied by EM. For instance, in a cell culture workflow, discrepancies in live cell counter and flow cytometry data can be detected and traced back to disruptions in freezer or incubator function. This integrated offering can also ensure proactive maintenance of lab equipment and instruments, thereby reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Fully integrate your EM operational data into your ELN/LIMS/MES

The Ganymede-EM integration extends to fully embedding equipment and instrument data into your electronic lab notebook (ELN), laboratory information management system (LIMS), and manufacturing execution system (MES), thus eliminating manual data entry. This end-to-end integration and automated data entry ensures that all data is seamlessly incorporated into scientific software applications at every stage of the therapeutic development lifecycle, from discovery to commercialization. With automatic data transfer, researchers can concentrate on their core research activities, eliminating concerns over data transfer errors and ensuring full traceability of environmental and scientific data.

This newfound partnership promises to bring laboratory connectivity to a new level. With a comprehensive and analytical view of equipment and instrument usage, real-time error detection, and seamless data integration into scientific software applications, researchers and scientists can streamline their workflows and optimize laboratory efficiency, which ultimately leads to better decision-making and faster therapeutic commercialization timeframes.

"Labs are more complicated than ever before, and data flows not only from analytical and other lab instruments, but also from IoT-enabled devices and equipment," said Nathan Clark, Cofounder and CEO of Ganymede. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Elemental Machines to help life science organizations gather every speck of data and context from across the lab. Elemental Machines' connectivity to the hardware and the physical lab environment through sensor data is unparalleled and is an ideal complement to Ganymede. For instance, in combination, our technologies can be used to correlate instrument utilization and calibration with scientific outcomes or build AI-driven digital twins to monitor and control processes."  

Learn more about how Ganymede is giving scientists data superpowers with their infrastructure of innovation. Watch their latest webinar for a live experiment demonstration of their platform, or request a contact from Ganymede.

About the EM Partner Post

The Elemental Machines Partner Post is a blog series highlighting members of our extensive integrations and partner network. Throughout this series, readers will learn how to make their data work for them and the creative ways that our ecosystem partners can help achieve fully connected lab and manufacturing environments. To learn more about our ecosystem please visit our Partners page.



Alan Chramiec, PhD is the founding scientist at Ganymede Bio where he oversees marketing and partnerships. A scientist by training, he has more than a decade of biomedical research experience leading collaborations across 10+ world-class research institutions and medical centers. Co-founded the Center for Epigenetics Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as well as Nucleate NYC. He received his PhD in biomedical engineering at Columbia University, training under Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic. Alan is passionate about launching biotechs onto the cloud, bringing deep tech capabilities to scientists, and democratizing biomedical research and entrepreneurship.

SamanthaBlack_headshot_sqSamantha Black, PhD is Head of Brand and Content at Elemental Machines, the Cambridge-based Intelligent Operations Platform pioneer that empowers operators to make data-driven decisions based on actionable intel. Before joining Elemental Machines, Samantha was editor-in-chief of a life science news website and previously worked as a program manager at the National Postdoctoral Association. She received a PhD in nutrition from NC State University.

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