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AT&T Connects Elemental Machines’ Smart Labs

AT&T Connects Elemental Machines’ Smart Labs

 Scientists Connect Labs to the Internet with AT&T IoT Solutions

Elemental Machines is using AT&T* Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to make critical lab equipment even smarter.

The Elemental Machines Sensory Network™ gives science-based industries data-driven insights to help customers improve lab operations, research, development and manufacturing.

And with AT&T IoT solutions, lab monitoring has never been easier. Constantly monitoring equipment and its environment means more information and consistency. And it helps prevent major research setbacks.

Imagine a lab freezer that malfunctions overnight. Scientists find their 22 million-year-old ice samples from the Arctic have turned into a pool of water. With Elemental Machines’ smart lab solutions, lab staff might receive an alert that the freezer isn’t at an ideal temperature. They could then act quickly to save their samples and avoid this costly catastrophe.

The Elemental Machines smart lab solution uses AT&T Control Center and AT&T Global SIM to monitor assets both on site and remotely 24x7. Even with Wi-Fi interruptions or lost power, cellular connectivity will keep sending data.

Read the full release on the AT&T site here.

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