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Elemental Machines Ships Groundbreaking Sensory Network™ for Science-Based Industries

Elemental Machines Ships Groundbreaking Sensory Network™ for Science-Based Industries

Transformative Platform Already Delivering Benefits in Applications from Research to Manufacturing

Cambridge, MA and San Francisco, CA (Oct. 5, 2016) -- Elemental Machines today announced the commercial availability of its flagship solution, the Elemental Machines Sensory Network™. Designed to monitor and improve complex processes in scientific research, development and manufacturing environments, the system gathers and synthesizes data about otherwise invisible environmental factors into actionable information, saving customers significant amounts of time and money.

Comprising intelligent, wireless sensor devices and dashboard software, the Elemental Machines Sensory Network measures critical equipment performance, as well as ambient factors (temperature, humidity, air pressure and light), providing data-driven insights that increase experimental and process repeatability, as well as manufacturing outcomes.

“From academic research to commercial drug development, science-based work can be slow and expensive, involving substantial investments of time and money, but often without achieving the desired results,” said Sridhar Iyengar, PhD, CEO and Founder of Elemental Machines. “The Sensory Network is optimized to provide a valuable window into the contextual variables that often affect scientific processes, removing friction across the entire development lifecycle, from research through manufacturing.”

“We are committed to the highest levels of operational excellence, and having easy access to detailed and accurate data about the environmental conditions and equipment performance has become an essential tool for our team,” said Celina Chang, Director of Laboratory Operations at LabCentral in Cambridge, Mass. “We continue to find new ways to leverage the data, and are glad to see our resident companies taking advantage of the system, as well.”


The Elemental Machines Sensory Network

Customers ranging from academic research programs, small- and medium-sized biotech firms, to large pharma, are leveraging the Elemental Machines Sensory Network to optimize their work. The system is used in multiple environments and product development stages, from the research laboratory, to quality control, as well as in transfer to manufacturing and scaling up production. The Elemental Machines Sensory Network includes:

  • Elements – Small, wireless intelligent devices with embedded sensors that stream real-time environmental or instrument-performance data. There are multiple Elements available for different applications.
    • Element-T is used to monitor temperature in critical equipment, including freezers, refrigerators and ovens and can be used in equipment that spans -200C to +250C range.
    • Element-A monitors ambient conditions in the laboratory and production facilities, tracking temperature, humidity, air pressure and light levels.
  • Elemental Insights – Web-based dashboard that provides powerful visualizations of data from Elements and also includes Elemental Alerts for text and/or email notifications if system detects readings outside of specified ranges.

Customers are using the Sensory Network in different ways, from critical equipment monitoring to fine-tuning protocols and root cause analysis. The system provides data that enables teams to operate with greater precision and accuracy and to document adherence to internal quality-control guidelines.

"With innovative technology specifically designed to address some of the most pervasive challenges in science-based industries, Elemental Machines is poised to transform the landscape," said Katie Rae, Partner, Project 11 Ventures. "The team brings deep backgrounds in technology and research science, giving them first-hand appreciation of customers’ challenges, and the technical ability to rapidly deliver solutions that meet those needs. We look forward to supporting Elemental Machines’ continued success."

The company is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors, including Founders Fund’s FF Angel, Max Levchin, Project 11 Ventures, 2M Companies (family office of Morton H. Meyerson) and Rock Health.


About Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines is revolutionizing complex biology and chemistry-based processes with powerful insights that help customers improve research, development and manufacturing outcomes. The Elemental Machines Sensory Network™ monitors and analyzes invisible environmental variables that can influence scientific processes to provide new levels of clarity, transparency and consistency. The company's technology is transforming the way teams gather and synthesize data, translating it into actionable information that can improve repeatability and increase productivity, saving time and money. For more information, visit

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