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In with the old, in with the new.

In with the old, in with the new.

The Elemental Machines platform frees LabOps pros

to keep what they love


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Grammatical catastrophe aside, the age-old phrase rings true for many practices and many sectors, LabOps squarely among them.

In a lab, where proficiency and efficiency can be the difference between discovery and irrelevancy, familiar systems and tools are vital. So when evolving technology births a new laboratory gizmo, it’s understandable that the breathless pitches of salespeople are often met with skepticism.

“I don’t want to learn a new system.”

     “What’s wrong with our LIMs?”

  “No smart sensor technology is worth retiring our trusty incubator.”

At Elemental Machines, we’re committed to helping LabOps professionals achieve operational excellence in the lab. Sometimes, that means replacing faulty monitoring technology with turnkey sensors that begin transmitting data in as few as 60 seconds. And sometimes, it means insisting on keeping what’s working.


Breathe New Life into Old Equipment

When IoT technology first arrived in the lab space, its benefits were coupled with a heavy burden. Real time monitoring of metrics like temperature, utilization, and humidity were vital in a space where a faulty freezer could derail a year of priceless research. Yet the prospect of replacing perfectly functioning (and familiar) assets for little more than new sensors was unthinkable. 

As such, Elemental Machines created sensors that would retrofit legacy equipment, drawing new insights from old assets. Given the myriad changes to lab equipment over the years, doing so required invention and production. The result is an arsenal of turnkey sensors that harness data ports, current loops, and even miniscule changes in temperature to document asset utilization, compliance, and more. Installation is a breeze, and data begins transmitting as quickly as 60 seconds from unboxing. The best part? Your trusted equipment can stay.


Integrate with ELN, LIMS, and ERP

Of all the pains of the IoT revolution, perhaps the most painful is the siloed data that has formed as a result. As various manufacturers and suppliers spearheaded their own data reporting solutions, burdensome logins and interfaces collected in their wake. Now, when a researcher requests certain metrics (or an auditor requires them), finding the data can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack -- or perhaps more accurately, 13 haystacks.

The Elemental Machines platform eradicates data silos in two ways. First, by uniting every metric from every asset onto a single cloud-based dashboard accessible from anywhere at any time. And second, by integrating seamlessly with familiar ELN, LIMS, and ERP systems. If your data reporting interface is working for you, our simple API lets you keep it.

With Elemental Machines, the IoT revolution delivers the research-saving benefits of monitoring and alerting without the routine-destroying burden of siloed data and incompatible technologies.

In with the old, in with the new.

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