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Lab Manager: Lab Innovators Digital Summit - April 12-13

Elemental Machines will co-present with LabOps Unite Leadership Board member, Angela Hui at the Lab Manager: Lab Innovators Digital Summit on April 13, at 12 pm. The discussion topic is focused on Mentorship in LabOps - A journey worth taking. Register today!

Professional development among lab managers is a personal responsibility and full of potential upside for those individuals willing to take initiative and work for it. Finding a mentor(s) is key to this process, according to Angela Hui, Director of Operations at Elektrofi. The presentation will cover:

  • Strategies for successful professional development including selecting and working with mentors as well as marketing valuable skills to leadership
  • Discussion about the unique challenges and opportunities for growth among laboratory professionals
  • Tips on how to become resilient during career journeys in the face of adversity
  • Information about the new LabOps Unite mentorship program


Lab Manager will host its Lab Innovators Digital Summit on April 12-13. This unique event will honor and celebrate those who are changing their respective fields through their unparalleled insight and their special ability to connect with those around them. Listen to these innovators share their stories of success, how they overcame challenges in their lives, and how they’ve advanced in the fields of science and technology. An audience Q&A session will follow each session. Register for free to attend this educational event that will inspire you to lead your own lab teams to success. 




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