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FREE Lab Monitoring for the Holiday Season!

FREE Lab Monitoring for the Holiday Season!

Get your FREE TRIAL of the Elemental Machines solution for Lab Monitoring! 

Take advantage of the limited number of trial offers for complimentary lab monitoring of your life sciences facility from now until the end of the year. Easy install - we’ll have you up and running in no time. Contact us for more details!

Get my free trial!

The end of the year will be here before we know it! There are less than two months left to wrap up year-end projects, whether you are trying to meet a manufacturing quota or conclude a milestone R&D project. And in between, we have the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. With such tight deadlines, it’s a good idea to make sure that you and your team have the laboratory equipment that you need in proper working order.  

Think about it - you and your team probably use a lot of lab equipment over the course of a day. CO2 incubators, balances, pH meters, centrifuges,mass specs, water baths, cold storage in the form of refrigerators and ultralow temperature freezers to name a few. If one or more pieces of equipment in your lab fail, it could adversely impact project progress. This could mean anything from repeating part of your work, such as regrowing a cell culture in an incubator, or much worse, such as losing irreplaceable samples due to a failure in your cold storage equipment. The latter leaves you and your team scrambling to figure out a new approach to completing a project, if possible at all. 

greeks_bearing_giftsThat’s why it’s a good idea to have a lab monitoring solution in place to avoid such scenarios. A robust monitoring system will allow you to automate data collection from common types of lab equipment. The data is easily captured and can be utilized for several purposes, such as digital record keeping and more importantly, remote alerting and monitoring. Since many operations can run overnight, over the weekend, and on holidays, a valuable feature for any monitoring system is to be able to reach appropriate staff members in the event equipment failures occur outside normal business hours. Common equipment that is still operational outside business hours includes cold storage and CO2 incubators. It’s possible to detect equipment issues by monitoring the internal environments of these units. When the environmental parameters cross thresholds set by the team, email and/or text alerts are sent to the responsible team members. Promptly catching and acting on alerts is essential to avert “crisis mode”, thus allowing you and your team to successfully execute on your end-of-year deliverables. notification_new-2

Remote alerts also come in handy over the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. With skeletal or no staff onsite, it’s good to be in the know in case there is an equipment issue. After all, no one wants to come back from a relaxing break only to find broken equipment that stored high value samples and reagents that are now worthless.

With all this in mind, Elemental Machines would like to offer your life sciences lab or facility a FREE TRIAL of our lab monitoring system through the end of this year so that your team can work efficiently and with peace of mind that your lab equipment is being monitored with the latest and greatest technology. Our battery- and cellular-backed system can be easily installed within minutes - no drilling, no fussing, truly a plug-and-play platform. Curious to check in on your study while you are away from the office?  Access equipment data anytime through our user friendly, Cloud-based dashboard from anywhere you have internet access.  

So what are you waiting for? Take us up on our offer to try out our lab monitoring platform. Contact us by November 22, 2109 and we can have you up and running before Thanksgiving. Here’s to ending 2019 without a hitch! 

Get my free trial!

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