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Lab Technology Leader Fills Asset Scheduling Void with Free Solution Built for LabOps

Lab Technology Leader Fills Asset Scheduling Void with Free Solution Built for LabOps

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts – June 23, 2020

Elemental Machines, a developer of universal laboratory asset monitoring technology for research and clinical labs around the world, has released a free scheduling and booking software that eliminates a longstanding source of inefficiency in the lab operations (LabOps) space.

The release follows a season of significant disruption to scientific operations and commemorates the long-awaited complete reopening of many labs around the world.

“Elemental Calendar is our gift to the scientific community – a response to a critical need we observed while listening to our customers,” said Elemental Machines CEO Sridhar Iyengar. “We were confounded by the lack of scheduling and asset booking solutions available to essential LabOps professionals. Forced to improvise, some of our customers had resorted to creating standalone Google Calendars for each and every asset under their management.”

As teams return to the lab in full, seamless equipment scheduling is urgently needed. Elemental Calendar marries a familiar calendar interface with novel features and function built for LabOps, such as the ability to reserve assets, assign users, and tag protocols for any instrument across the lab.

Existing Elemental Machines customers will find Elemental Calendar in their dashboard today, while other LabOps professionals can request access to the scheduling software without cost and with no strings attached.

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About Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines is the trusted data collection and reporting technology supplier to researchers and clinicians around the world. The Cambridge-based company equips labs with universal cloud-based dashboards and turnkey sensors that unite data from every asset, every metric, and every location, enabling universal collection, seamless sharing, and turnkey reporting.

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